Sunday, October 31, 2010

15 Things and 15 days later

Here is the list and how it progressed. There is an hour and a half left of today but I'm beat so I won't be accomplishing much more.
  1. Get a Route Beer Float pedicure. --Did this myself a couple of days ago.
  2. sweep up all of the spider webs around the front door --did this yesterday. The front door to the porch looks pretty good. pumpkins and crushed leaves included.
  3. roll in a pile of leaves -- done. it was kind of itchy
  4. make butternut squash soup -- I can barely talk about this one without breaking out in tears again. How can soup cause tears? Short version. I remember now why I don't try and peel butternut squash very often. It's a lot of work. but regardless, I made AWESOME soup. It was one of the best fall soups. perfectly spiced after a lot of tasting and trying. I ate it for supper and had enough left over that I was going to take it to work for all of us to enjoy for lunch. So I went to package it up. ended up with about 2 cups of it all over the stove. So then I went to do the rest over the sink. Dumping it into a gallon bag in a bowl in the sink. Got it all filled up. closed it up. lifted it out of the bowl. went to wash the soup off of the outside. dropped the bag. seal opened up. 6 cups of soup in the sink. tears.
  5. make applesauce --bought the apples today at the orchard. we'll have stewed apples tomorrow night for supper
  6. make spiced pears --can't find enough pears. my usual supply was blighted. : (
  7. drink apple wine from Kimmel Orchards -- drank apple wine today AT Kimmel Orchard. bonus points!
  8. have a bonfire - did this last night. stayed out there until it was so cold i couldn't feel my knees and the Babe fell asleep in my lap. It was pretty awesome.
  9. spike the apple cider --Captain Morgan and a coffee pot full of hot cider. pretty darn good.
  10. give the Babe and her big sissy a lesson in making caramel apples - Big sissy didn't really want to learn and then she and Son2 at the whole bag of caramels that were the quick way to make the caramel apples. so this one is a flop. i have all of the stuff to make caramel dip so we'll probably do that later this week. I have a peck of apples that need eating.
  11. take pictures at the pumpkin patch -- didn't make it to the patch
  12. make another Mr. Potato Head pumpkin -- Target was out of the pieces. We drew on the pumpkins with Sharpies instead
  13. drink hot chocolate made from scratch -- kind of cheated and used Nesquick. We'll go for better this month.
  14. bake pumpkin bread -- Made INCREDIBLE pumpkin cupcakes instead. Recipe is here. you could easily 1/2 the frosting recipe if you aren't going to make the roses on top. the cupcakes are the bomb. don't skip the frosting. it was too good to skip.
  15. buy Halloween candy on clearance -tomorrow!
October has been pretty good to us. Perfect to enter the month of thankfulness for our blessings. Fall is still with us! enjoy it!

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Sharon said...

Wait, you did No. 11...I've seen the pictures.