Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. The smoke detector in the basement is in need of a new battery. Yet I keep forgetting to get a 9 volt at the store. So in the meantime we are living with a chirp every 34 seconds or so. I really need to just go pull the plug. But then I'll forget about it and I won't get a 9 volt at the store. 34 seconds apart people. every 34 seconds.
  2. This weekend is the Omaha Arts Festival. I'm hoping it's cool enough to go walk around downtown. If for no other reason than the fact that the Nebraska craft breweries are serving a few beers. or 24 as the case may be.
  3. Baby BAM pulled the C key off of my laptop. Then promptly gave it to Roxanne to chew on. I now have a little rubber nub where my C key should be. It kind of sucks.
  4. I REALLY want to go see the new UP movie. wonder if I can get the Babe to sit still long enough.
  5. My aunt sent me two aprons that used to be my Grandma's. They still smell like Grandma's house. It made me cry. I really do miss her and my Grandpa.
  6. I haven't scrapbooked a single page in nearly a year. Yet I'm still considering going to Scrapfest '09 in Minneapolis again. It's the weekend after my birthday after all. Anybody want to come?
  7. Hubby is turning the backyard into a 3 or 4 hole golf course. Seriously. He really is. Reminds me a lot of Hog Lot golf in Keystone. :)
  8. I'm sick of Star Trek reruns. Voyager, Next Generation, Enterprise. ALL OF THEM.
  9. We are hiring two part time people at work. I have figured out how to get help for everyone but me. Anybody have an extra $15000 laying around?
  10. This afternoon will be devoted to good food, good beer, and good company at Granite City. We've earned it.

What are you doing this weekend?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The things we get in our heads

Little One is STUCK on the idea that we are going to go to the Eiffel Tower. Like tomorrow. We've explained that it is a LONG way away. That we can't drive there. You can't explain any of this to a two year old. So we've spent a lot of time on Google Earth looking at it. There is a webcam that shows you what it looks like right now. It's pretty cool actually. Gives vacation planning a new scope now doesn't it? LOL

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Night Traditions

Where is the Wonderful World of Disney or Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom when you need them? Homemade caramel corn. Dad's bologna and grape jelly sandwiches. Playing Pong until my eyes were crossing.

We spent this Sunday night with peanut butter and jelly and bananas, squeezable yogurt and juice boxes. And the Wiggles.

oh what a difference a few decades makes.

How bout you? How was your Sunday night?

Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

It's Friday. And I am BURIED in work. so this will be short and sweet.

  1. Please add Daughter A to your prayer list. She's had a rough week.
  2. Facebook will suck your life force right out of you if you let it.
  3. For the record... My friends Tammy, and Lanel, and the Tasteful One are WAY more addicted to FarmTown then me.
  4. I am enjoying the idea of having a 3 year old's birthday party next month. :)
  5. Camping seems like the ideal thing to do this weekend and is completely out of the question.
  6. I am going to Project Jason's Keys to Healing Retreat tomorrow.
  7. Son2 is looking for a better job. Yell if you know of anything in his area.
  8. I turned in $258 worth of mileage for the first 5 months of the year. I really need to do a better job of turning it in more often.
  9. My family has been fed way too many convenience type meals this week. But at least it wasn't fast food.
  10. Jr. had his teeth pulled last week. When he got in the car at the oral surgeon's the first thing he asked was if he could go fishing.

Have a beautiful weekend! It's supposed to rain here. :(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today at the Strawberry Patch

Click on the pic to make them bigger. Then you can get the full effect of the cuteness. :)
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Portraits of Today

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Lucas - 6/01/09

You should have seen him climb to the top of the Tornado slide. You would have thought he had done it 100 times before. The boy is fearless. His Mommy and Daddy are in big trouble.
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