Friday, April 30, 2010

Stupid Girls

The Babe and I have been watching videos all night. Don't ask me how we got started on Pink but it kind of got out of hand. And then I had to start explaining too many things. "It's just pretend." was said one too many times. And now we are watching 1970's era Sesame Street.

But the video below was the favorite. We'll see how much of the pseudo life lesson she retained. :)

Happy 30th post in 30 days. We're on a roll I tell you!

10 Random Things for a Friday

29 posts in 29 days. I do believe that we have a new record. Not that I am going to go back and look but you can now anticipate 4 posts next month. Because that seems to be the way I roll. :) So here we go.... the last random 10 for April.
  1. It's been a long month. My schedule for May isn't looking much better. In fact 1/2 the summer is already gone I think. Elvis and I were trying to find a weekend that we could get together 1/2 way and take the girls to the waterpark. We found ourselves talking about when school started again before we finally gave up. We'll try a weekday instead. Which means we need to be in front of our work calenders. And the two of us talking in the middle of the day is nearly impossible. So that won't happen anytime soon. What happened to when we just woke up in the morning, decided to go on an adventure and went?
  2. Tomorrow is May Day. Did you make and give May baskets as a kid? We did. We filled them with popcorn, candy, trinkets, and flowers and hung them on the neighbors' doors. I wonder why no one does that any more?
  3. I have a grant administration training all day today. Aren't you jealous?
  4. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
  5. I once played an ostrich in the High School production of Peter Pan. I was a hobbit in the community theater production of the Hobbit when I was in 3rd grade. I was The Army in Ozma of Oz in junior high. I was a whole bunch of other things over the years. But that's all I can remember at the moment.
  6. My most recent pattern obsession revolves around THIS FABRIC from Heather Bailey. But knowing how well and how often I sew, I should really just buy some and send it to Candice. I wonder what lovelies she'll create?
  7. I have watched this video on You Tube about 20 times this week. It just has beautiful visuals. And a message I need to hear more often. Hula Seventy took the pictures. I love her blog to. She makes lists. I'm a list maker. I never complete the lists but I make them.
  8. I do not like the Sponge Bob movie. At all. But I do like Sponge Bob. But I am getting rather sick of him. Isn't everybody? And he probably isn't really appropriate for a 3 year old. So we should probably give the movie back to the Pusher. We've only had it, what, 2 years?
  9. Speaking of late things. I am so overdue on a CD that I borrowed from the library that they have charged me a lost item fee. Don't have much faith in me do they?
  10. Did you like Flintstones vitamins when you were a kid? I didn't. The vitamins at our house now are the gummy kind. Both kid and adult. I know they are not the greatest and best for you but we remember to take them better. Or actually the Babe remembers.
Do you have any cool plans for the weekend? We are "having an adventure" on Sunday. But I have no clue what it will be. Better come up with something good though. The Babe has reminded me of said promised adventure something like 20 times in 2 days. I think she may be a tad bit looking forward to it.

Happy May Day a day early!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trader Joe's Part 2

so this is what my glorious day care provider posted on my Facebook page tonight. and for what it's worth she was glorious before she told me this.

"just saw a commercial... Trader Joe's is coming to Omaha, somewhere around 102nd and Maple :)"
to which I replied..
"SHUT UP!! For REAL? I am so there.
I mean. How cool. Might have to check it out."

She is so much more gloriouser now. see. I made up another word.

So I've checked out the Trader Joe's site looking for confirmation. Nothing

Checked my email to see if they had answered me and said, "why yes, now that we know you will shop there, we will open one." Nothing.

So being the modern technology whiz that I am I googled it.


Apparently my blog earlier in the month and my email to them for the same was just the convincing they needed.

But get this......

They are opening JUST down the street from Whole Foods.

View Larger Map

Is that ballsy or what? Way to go Joe.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From the Mouth of the Babe

Sunday night at Panera. The Babe and I were having black bean soup, tea and a cobblestone pastry. And having "nice conversations." Because you see that is what you do at Panera. You "have coffee and tea and yummy things and sit in chairs and have nice conversations." We do this about once a month. Preferably on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when it is quiet and no one cares that I brought a 3 year old to Panera. But anyway...

From the mouth of the Babe:

"Orange cows are my favorite."

"Where do you find those?" I ask.

"On the Idea Planet, Mom."

" How do you get to the Idea Planet?"

" You get there by climbing a rope and then ride the lawnmower and turn at the light and then make the bed. You have to eat broccoli and cake and peanut butter there. It's pretty good."

I love sitting in chairs and drinking tea at Panera.

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Makes Me Smile

This video makes me smile. I know you've already seen it. But you should watch it again. If you haven't seen it? You're welcome. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. The Babe has asked for blueberry pie for dinner every day this week. I couldn't even tell you the last time I had blueberry pie. Decades maybe even. But she is convinced that she wants some. No clue where she heard about it. No idea where to even get one. Called around. None of the bakeries even make them this time of year. Hopefully she'll settle for Blueberry muffins. I know where to get those.
  2. I have 7 cuts on the 8 fingers of my hands. I know this because I found them all earlier when I made a mad mess of the nail polish remover and got it all over said cuts. I have one that is still burning. :(
  3. We are making artichoke cups at the Pusher's house tomorrow. It's under the ruse of having a Pampered Chef show. But you all really know it's just so we can make the artichoke cups again.
  4. I need a beer. Preferably one with a Japanese label that comes with a side of sushi.
  5. More people should listen to the disclaimer of "contact your tax advisor for information on how this applies to your particular situation". Preferably before they are already in over their heads.
  6. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.
  7. I currently have 804 blog entries in my Google Reader feeder. I will probably read about 80 of them and delete the rest. May be time to clean the reader up. But that takes time. Which I choose to spend in other ways.
  8. 42 is the number that has been drawn most often in the Powerball lottery game.
  9. Baby BAM is 2 tomorrow. This means he now must be upgraded to the Toddler BAM. how the heck did this happen anyway? We are going to the bouncy place and then out for pizza. Anybody want to come with? Presents are not required.
  10. I miss my grandma. Not sure why so more this week than others, but I've thought of her quite a bit lately. :( Happy thoughts though. Just miss her.
Well there you go ladies and gents. The random 10 for the 23rd of April. Spring weather is upon us. Stay away from the tornadoes.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lottery Plays Part Tres

Let's just update you and let you know that the Powerball numbers tonight were not the same as the quick pick number the machine in podunk Nebraska picked for me.

I need a new get rich quick plan.

I Stole This

Completely hysterical. I have several friends that need a trip to Actualville. You know who you are.

Stolen from Cathy Zielske's Blog

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

OK People Listen Up

Remember back here when I gave you the chance to leave a comment and win crap off of my porch? Well you are slacking. I know you are watching. I see you. And you follow me. For whatever that is worth. So comment. Before Thursday night. Because on Friday, we are drawing. Or I'm drawing. Or maybe the Babe will draw. But if there are only 4 comments, I'll probably just feel bad and send one to everyone that commented. Because I really only have 3 friends anyway. And the new one. We'll count her too.

Please comment. You wouldn't want to see the pathetic emotionally fragile chick cry would you?

Mega Millions Part 2

I turned my voucher in for my free Mega Millions ticket. Apparently you could only get a quick pick. Which is totally not fair because I was TOTALLY prepared with my fortune cookie numbers in hand.

My numbers: 04 15 29 36 52 Mega Ball 20
The numbers drawn: 05 08 10 34 42 Mega Ball 25

Do you notice anything? I mean how totally cool is that? Proof. You get what you pay for.

I bought (actually forked up the buck for) tomorrow's Powerball. I bought it in the middle of nowhere at some cute little town Spit n Go. Or Go N Split or something like that. But it was in the middle of nowhere. And people always win in the middle of nowhere. So I think I'm good.

Will they make be go back to the middle of nowhere to claim my prize? I kind of hope so. The outdated Little Debbie will be well worth the return visit.

Remind me to delete this when I win. I'd hate to give bad press to the Lick and Get.

By the way. My numbers are 05 26 38 48 58 and Powerball 12 Go buy the same numbers. Then we can split the cash and get on TV and all that. What do you think? Everybody in?


I realize I am way far behind on what is cool. Case in Point. The Dan Band. I am totally laughing my butt off. Too bad I can't laugh long enough to laugh the whole thing off. That's a lot of laughing. But you can't blame a gal for trying? Like them? Skip over to You Tube. Search "the dan band" then watch the Total Eclipse of the Heart song. Classic I tell you. Butt off laughing quality.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mega Millions

I have a voucher for a free ticket for Mega Millions. Quick pick? or Random numbers chosen by you? Maybe just all of the 3s. So many options. So many numbers. Maybe I should go in on the ticket with 5 friends. Groups seem to win a lot. I've already shared my theory on fortune cookie numbers. Maybe I should go to Beijing Tokyo and have sushi for lunch so I can get a fortune cookie. Do you SEE the sacrifice I make to get the good lottery numbers? I promise to have a rocking giveaway on here if I win big in the lottery. Maybe a "first 100 people to comment get a free car" kind of thing. I'll have the money you know.

So how would you pick the numbers?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blowin in the wind

Yeah. I seem to have been born in the wrong decade.

Leaving on a jet plane

So maybe I am having a Peter, Paul, and Mary moment. Just humor me. Or not. But you know you love them just as much as I do.

Puff The Magic Dragon

Can I just tell you how much I love youtube? But Seriously. What was Mary thinking when she put on this oufit that morning?

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I don't wear makeup. I OWN it. I just don't wear it. Even moisturizer is something that I didn't give a thought to until I agreed to go to a Beauticontrol "party" at the Tasteful Pusher's house. And then I realized that I had reached "that age" when I should really start paying more attention to my skin. That and I paid so much for it I would be shamed if I didn't use it. Anyway, the whole no makeup thing, means that videos like this one baffle me. I mean, who watches this stuff? Apparently 3,867 people. Did I mention I sold Avon for a while?
  2. The Babe and I had peanut butter sandwiches for supper twice this week. The Husband was NOT amused.
  3. It's almost impossible to lick your elbow. Now that you've read that, 75% of you will try it.
  4. I spent all day on Tuesday excited that there was a new GLEE that night. Is that pathetic or what.
  5. You can now stream Netflix to your Wii. I'm not sure why that is important but the Husband thought that was cool. He is now watching the Spartacus series on the big TV instead of the computer. It's pretty graphic. I now wish that I'd maybe thought this through a little better.
  6. Speaking of Movies. How is it that Avatar is still in theaters and still making good money but is releasing on DVD on April 22nd? Is this really good business?
  7. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. And my grandfather is rumored to have the original one in a box in the basement of his house. Not in the original box but in a cardboard kind of storage box. Don't get too excited.
  8. Grandpa also has a pool table in the basement. I spent many a night in that basement playing pool. Even took a nap on it once. And if I still lived in the same city I'd be doing the same thing now. Playing pool. not the nap thing. My back wouldn't take a slate cot anymore I don't think.
  9. I had something really cool happen at work this week. But I've been sworn to secrecy. So I can't tell you what it was.
  10. My office mate and I went out for sushi twice this week. I used a Groupon that I had bought a while back for one of the trips. Which seemed like getting it for free. Even if it wasn't really. I then drank a $6.50 bottle of Japanese beer and negated the whole free sushi idea.
Bonus #11 -- I found a red stapler on Now I just have to order another 13.00 worth of stuff to get the free but it takes forever shipping.

Tune in next week. Same Bat time. Same Bat channel.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Honor of Counter # 9028

I'm pretty sure it is a mistake. But the counter says there have 9028 views of this here blog. Like I said. Pretty sure that number is off somehow. But in honor of the 9028th visitor, I'd like to have a giveaway.

So leave a comment. I'd like to hear how you got here in the first place. I've always wondered. And why on God's green earth do you keep coming back? Not that I mind or anything. I just wonder why anybody in their right mind wants to listen to me ramble.

Prizes to be random. And they'll probably come off my porch. Which could actually work out well for you. Because there is a lot of Partylite crap out there. And some Pampered Chef. And I think there is some Tastefully Simple in the cupboard. And I'm sure I have a dust bunny or two laying around. wow. The shipping on this could get pretty costly. might have to find some lighter stuff.

Comment away my pretties! And your little dog too. Unless of course you have a cat. I suppose they could leave one too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Photos

These are the most recent pictures from my carpy camera phone.

This is the pagoda kind of thing that they have at Target. I want it for my back deck. The one we have is shot. It fell apart in a wind storm last spring. I need about $500. Anybody want to donate to the cause?

This is my friend Lea's dog. I want one like her soooo bad. An English Bulldog. I need $1000 - 1500. Anybody want to donate to the cause?

This is the playhouse at Menard's that I want to get and build for the Babe. I need about $3000. Anybody want to donate to the cause?

Anybody see a pattern here? I seem to take a lot of pictures of things I can't afford. I should probably work on that.
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The Real Reason My Brain Won't Shut Off

I can't seem to slow my brain down today. obviously. The real reason? It doesn't want to deal with things today on any level. Why?

Today is Erin's 24th Birthday.

Enough said, right?

I Really Should Be Working

I really should be working but my brain never came back from lunch. I'll end up working Saturday but the rest of today is shot anyway. So you are getting a bunch of Random stuff today. aka. what is floating around in my brain.

  • Anybody read a good book lately? I need a book that is "just for fun". One that I can put down 25 times in an hour to deal with the crisis of the moment. And then can pick it back up 2 days later without having to re-read the last 2 pages to remember what was going on.
  • Hershey's kisses can fix just about anything.
  • Diet Coke can fix even more than Hershey's kisses.
  • I am in love with just about everything in this Etsy store. Maybe I should wear more jewelry.
  • Maybe I should have more disposable income.
  • I sing the chorus of "Clementine" to The Babe . She asked me the other day why "she is lost and gone forever." I answered her honestly and said that it was because she had drowned. The Babe then said, "maybe I should take those swimming lessons Mom. I don't want to be like Clementine."
  • Most days I feel like I will never be out of debt. But we are knocking it out $50 at a time.
  • The new information on credit card statements about how long it will take you to pay off the card if you only pay the minimum payment is kind of scary. Which means it is working. So that may be a good new law after all.
  • I really like the Simply Limeade from Simply Orange Juice Company. It reminds me of spring. But usually makes me want a Pea Picker. Please pass the Vodka. Thank you very much.
  • If you go to the Simply Orange Juice Company website you can listen to birds chirping. It might even make you think you are outside. But only if you close your eyes and open a window and grow some grass in your office.
  • The spider plant in my office is dying because it desperately needs to be re-potted.
  • I am tired of people that want something for nothing. Beggars can't be choosy right? Whoever wrote or said that must have been dealing with beggars from a different time and place.
  • I often daydream about the alternate reality where I drove a VW bus and toured the country painting murals and sleeping wherever I decided to crash, eating whatever fresh stuff somebody let me pick from their garden, handing out flowers to everyone, and having a dog named Spot that found me. That would make me a gypsy right?
  • My sister used to live in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • We almost moved to Jackson, Tennessee. We moved to Council Bluffs, IA instead.
  • None of the four stores that the Husband was offered a job at in July 2002 are still open. So I'm glad we didn't move to Jackson, TN. That store was hit by a tornado in 2004. Or maybe it was 2003.
  • I wish I had a red stapler.
  • There is a Cadbury caramel egg sitting on my desk that has been there since February.
  • When I was teen something or other I had zebra finches. my mom hated them because they made a huge mess. One died. The other flew away one day when I had the brilliant idea to clean the cage outside.
My brain obviously won't shut off. I'll give you a break now though. Then you can let the last 19 some odd things sink in.

There will be a quiz later. hope you paid attention.

Taxes Suck But You Can Get Free Stuff

Did you know you can get FREE stuff on tax day. Which for those of you living under a rock (or not in the US) is tomorrow.

Tomorrow means a few things in my life:
  • All of my tax clients except for one are done. That one needs to call me before tomorrow to get an extension filed. LV if you are reading this, CALL ME!
  • I now have to find a new source of income seeing as how I don't have any more tax clients that need to pay me. Oh yeah. Except for that one.
  • It is my niece Jonalee's birthday.
  • I will get to mail in my taxes. Which I could have done weeks ago, but what is the fun in that?
  • I have a $17 refund from the IRS. They'll keep it. But I'll be $17 closer to paying off the millions that I owe.
  • I have a $438 refund from the State Dept of Revenue. They'll keep it. But I'll be nearly paid off with them.
  • I am going to go get my FREE COFFEE from Starbucks
What FREE STUFF are you going to go get?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Did I Mention I Was Sick? Probably TMI

Yesterday made day 8 of the sickness. This is the stomach sickness. Not to be confused with the sickness that wasn't strep but sure felt like it (from 3 or 4 weeks ago) and not to be confused with the sinus infection sickness that the Dr said was causing the my coughing sickness that drove my office mates to make me go to said Dr. We should probably thank said Dr though because he gave me antibiotics that only cost $4.35. And THAT is the cheapest I've ever walked away from the Target Pharmacy. And the cough is getting better. So he was probably right. Even though my nose never ran and my throat never hurt.

Ok, now what was I talking about? Oh yeah. The stomach sickness. I've had it for 8 days. Almost everything (short of peanut butter crackers and Gatorade) almost everything that I ate was coming back up about 15 minutes later and I walked around nauseous most of the time. That stomach sickness. Well, Sunday I kept down mashed potatoes and cauliflower and yesterday afternoon I kept down a tuna sandwich from Subway. So I decided to try sushi today. Big jump. Yeah, I know. But it was good. so there. And it has stayed down. And it was good. And now I want more sushi. But that's usually true. Did I mention that I NEVER get sick?

And the point to all of this? Yeah. The point. 8 days of the sickness. And I only lost a pound. A lousy pound.

So what was the point of that?

My Plead to Trader Joe's

Dear Trader Joe's Powers That Be,

We need a Trader Joe's in Omaha. We are a pretty large metro area. I'm sure that more people than just me would jump ship from the mega grocery that is Whole Foods. We'd come shop at your happy smaller and happier establishment. With great joy. And lots of bucks. You see, I am out of dried pineapple. And dried Ranier Cherries. And you spinach salad mixes are to die for. And those awesome "A Fig Walks Into a Bar" bars. We are out of those too. The Babe ate them all. Because you see, she needs a Trader Joe's in Omaha too. So I can feed her healthy food that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And so the people at Baker's don't look at us crosseyed and head cocked when we ask about sulfide free dried fruits and free range grass fed meat. (which by the way is sacrilege to ask for when you live in corn country) I might even eat meat again if you bring your store to somewhere near me. Doubtful. But I might. maybe. Ok, maybe not, but I'll buy it. Because there are carnivores that live at my house. And they need to eat too.

Thank you in advance.

Carolyn - (aka the one that can taste the sulfur in dried fruit)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Photos

The Lilacs are budding.

We are getting anywhere from 7 to 12 eggs a day. Want to buy a dozen eggs? $3 for white $4 for brown. The browns are bigger.

This is Jack. He doesn't like to have his picture taken. So this is a rare photo.

This is Son2's car after he crashed it. Everyone walked away so all is good.

See. Told you they were random. :)

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I found the Burt's Bees. It was on my desk at work. :) Which is surprising that I found it at all on the desk because it looks like a file cabinet exploded in my office right now.
  2. I am still sick. But walking around and somewhat functioning sick. So that is a move in the right direction. I do however still have an incredibly awful cough. Which my office mates have told me is getting worse. So they made me an appointment at the Dr. today at 2:00. Yippee skippy. Another $30 for them to tell me it is viral I'm sure.
  3. Spent more than an hour yesterday trying to find something on the HUD website. It has to be one of THE worst websites. I know there is a TON of information but finding it can be impossible.
  4. February 1965 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon. 1965 had a lot of odd things happen. The Husband was born in 1965. This may explain a lot.
  5. My cousin is getting married June 13 in St Paul. I hate driving to Minnesota. Love being there and spending time there but I hate the drive.
  6. I want to go to the zoo. I want to watch the monkeys. Maybe next weekend. Want to come with? We can make a day of it.
  7. We are still swimming in Easter Candy. I have done a very good job of avoiding it. The Babe's first words of her morning EVERY morning this week have been, "Can I have candy? I'm not really hungry for breakfast but I think I have room for candy."
  8. Last night's episode of Bones made me cry. It made me mad too. Did you watch it? Did it make you mad? Did you cry too? I saved it on the TiVo. Because I apparently think I may need to cry again. I still can't believe it. So not the way I saw that episode ending. Must move on. Because if I don't, I may start crying again. Over a TV show. How pathetic.
  9. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors. Bet you didn't know that did ya? Well there you go.
  10. I just realized I don't have a picture of BAM in my office. huh. I should probably do something about that. He's two in 2 weeks. How is that even possible? It seems like only a few months ago that we were welcoming him into the world. And now he is going to be two. Wow.
I am full of useless information today. I could probably write another 10 without any problem. But I really must get back to real life.

Big sloppy kisses!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Contents of My Purse

It's another of those stupid Meme things. Why are they called that anyway? Not sure why I'm even doing it except that I am switching purses anyway and it seemed like the thing to do. Considering that it is nearly 11:30 pm. We all know I should be in bed. Not switching my crap from one purse to another. But I bought this cool spring purse from Candice and I want to show it off. That and the corner of my mouth is cracked and I can't find the Burt's Bees in this mess in my purse. So here we go... Aren't you glad you tuned in?
  • My awesome yellow wallet -- that I liked so much that I bought it in Green too. Which I can't find. we'll skip discussing what is in the wallet short of my Driver's license, debit card, and checkbook
  • Coupon holder -- which desperately needs organized. And I forget to use every time I go to the store. I really should get back into the grocery game.
  • The Spring/Summer 2010 Season's Best from Pampered Chef. -- Because you never know when you might need the recipe for Chipotle Chili Cornbread Bake.
  • My glasses and a really ugly glass case. -- Which reminds me, I really need to get a new prescription
  • Little Purple zipper thing -- holds all of those reward cards, medical insurance card and carppy stuff like that.
  • 3 pack of Starbucks Via (Italian Roast) -- you can never be too far away from a good caffeine dose
  • Clip full of business cards for work -- I'm putting them into the purple zipper thing so they quit getting so beat up
  • Pill box for the crazy pills -- it's empty though
  • Orange pen -- The pen is orange not the ink. An orange ink pen would be kind of cool though don't you think?
  • Bunch of receipts that need thrown away -- how do I end up with so many of these?
  • An R2D2 tattoo. -- I have no clue.
  • Wet Nap -- I have a 3 year old
  • Mini Luna Bar - I have a 3 year old
  • Citrus Twist Tic Tacs -- My friend Wendy gave them to me. Do you think this was a hint?
  • Pill Bottle with more crazy pills -- I should probably consolidate
  • 2 more Wet Naps
  • Travel Size Scope. -- In case Wendy was trying to tell me something
  • OPI lipstick in Rosy Mistletoe -- they gave it to me free when I got a pedicure. Not a color I would EVER wear. Why did I keep it?
  • Rolaids Soft Chews -- These are pretty cool if you haven't tried them.
  • A roll of postcard stamps -- for mailing Pampered Chef invitations for all of the parties I haven't been good about booking
  • Car keys
  • Another key ring with 9 keys on it. --I know what 3 of them are for
  • Roll of Rolaids with only 2 left -- In case I run out of the soft chews
  • Flash drive -- no clue what is on it.
  • McDonald's wet nap -- because apparently 3 wasn't enough
  • Copy of the Babe's prescription card -- I can't find the original
  • Travel size hand lotion from some hotel I stayed at -- because my hands are chronically dry and it smells really good
  • Master keys for my job -- Putting them back in the purple thing
  • A coin purse -- no clue why I bought it except that it was something like $5 and it was cute
  • Roxanne's rabies tag -- I wondered where that went
  • Sally's rabies tag - maybe that other one is Jack's?
  • more receipts
  • Envelope and voucher for mailing my IRS payment -- because I will be making them payments for the rest of my life
  • about $5 in change
  • 3 Chuck E. Cheese tokens - I have a 3 year old
  • Collapsible Brush -- it has a mirror, which keeps the Babe entertained when I need to buy myself 5 minutes
So there you have it kids. The top 35 reasons why my purse weighs 24 pounds. Aren't you glad you stuck around this long?

I don't do tags. So tag yourself. Comment here that you dumped your purse too. And I'll send you some linky love. :)

Happy almost Friday!!

Where the heck did that Burt's Bees lip balm go? The corner of my mouth is falling off.

I Stole This






Stole it from Alice

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sleep is Overrated.

I just want it to be known that I HATE that the Husband can fall asleep anywhere at anytime. Not in a narcolepsy kind of way but in a "this is me laying down and I'll be going to sleep in a little while and now I want to tell you about something and" ... snore. The boy is OUT.

Me. I'm just about drop dead tired. And as soon as I get downstairs, I'm going to lay away for another 30 minutes to an hour with the brain that doesn't shut off.

I'd say on that note, "good night". But who are we kidding?

The Email Address Dilemma

Ok, Maybe not so much a dilemma (which makes it sound important) more just an issue of "now why the heck does she do that?"

I have way too many email addresses. Mostly because one will get completely spammed up and I abandon it. Some because I think I need them. And then there is the other one.

I used to have only one. It was cmmouse@someemailservicethatdoesn' Don't use that one anymore because it got spammed up. On a COMPLETE whim I checked it here a minute ago. It is still active and still getting mail. I apparently haven't checked it since 2/6/2007. And since then it has accumulated 21,277 unread emails. Seriously. 21,277. But in the last week it has averaged less than 10 spam a day. Which is really pretty good when you consider the following:

Shortly after Erin disappeared I felt compelled to start another email address. I just couldn't deal with the missing daughter emails all of the time. I needed to be prepared mentally before I opened them. So I started a carolyn at helpfindachild one. that automatically forwards to the haveyouseenerin yahoo address. (see, two addresses at once) Then we set up the @helpfindachild address on the website with a link to "send info, ask for info, send your tips, media contact" and so on and so forth to feed to that helpfindachild address. And then spiders and bots and whatever the heck else that drives stupid spammers stuff got that address of the website and stole it and spammed it. So now people get emails from carolyn at helpfindachild that are SPAM. You know the kind. Viagra for sale, order this from Mexico, call your long lost hooker, etc etc etc. All of the email you HATE. And now it looks like it comes from me. :( So now I don't know what to do with that email. Except the fact that I know I have to keep it somehow because it is the address people have for media contacts and what not. stupid bots and spiders. :(

And then there is the candlesandbath @ See, I used to sell candles for a well known direct sales company. And I sold bath products for what used to be a out in the middle of nowhere bath products company. And I thought I needed a cute email to support that biz. and then I used it for all of those things that say "give us your email so we can annoy you for the rest of your life and we'll sell your email to everybody else so they can do the same." And now THAT email address is FULL of spam. every day. not as much as the HFAC address but not a little bit either. Can't really ditch that address. Because. Ok. Not really sure why not but I'm sure there is a reason.

So. I started a "only a select few know it" gmail account. If you have it, count yourself queen or king for the day. Because I DON'T give it out to just anybody. I like that email address. No spam. It's great.

And my work email. Which is actually 2 mail addresses that funnel to one address. I'm stuck with that though.

So what is that? 7 email addresses? Holy Criminy Batman. That is a LOT of emails. So what do I do now? Because NOW I started this new Pampered Chef adventure/Venture and I really don't want to use my gmail address and the candlesandbath one would just be stupid because what does that have to do with cooking? and the helpfindachild address wouldn't be appropriate and is pretty much a lost cause to all of the spammers and bots. and that really only leaves me with the email address with 21,277 emails that need to be cleared and how do I explain to someone what cmmouse has to do with cooking? Oh yeah, NOTHING.

So now, here I sit. Now having written 1000 words about emails. An I still am no further to a solution than I was before. What do you do? What works? What should I NOT do? Does it really even matter? I can't be the only one with this problem. Why has email taken over my life? If it was 1987 again what would I be doing with my time instead?

Oh yeah, life goes on. Long after the thrill of emails is gonnnee.

I should have gone to bed a long time ago. Let's just write this one off to being awake too long.

No. I really do need a solution. So I turn it over to you my minions. What should I do?

Friday, April 2, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. My phone is an LG Voyager. It has a what I thought would be cool 2.0 Meg camera that is intended to take pictures and videos. POINTLESS! the pictures are dark. the videos are impossibly dark. tried to film the dogs and their "fighting" the other night. All you can see is the occasional blur of white as Rox goes flying across the room. The ONE feature on the phone I'd really like to have work and it is pointless.
  2. Even though I don't eat meat, I am pretty damn good at preparing it. Case in point: the chuck eye steak on Tuesday night. Finally found "the right" marinade for the Hubby. Only took like 102 tries. Me? I'll stick with the roasted veggies. Which by the way, I am obsessed with lately. Roasted potatoes, roasted carrots, roasted broccoli, roasted cauliflower, you name it I'll try and roast it. And so far none have failed. Can't wait to go get the 1.99 a bunch asparagus at HyVee this weekend.
  3. Elvis is moving this week. They got a new house and are moving out of the month to month rental that hasn't been updated since the 70's. No more living out of boxes. YEAH for them!
  4. I need more "in real life" friends that live in town. This town. Not the one I used to live in. Not that I don't love the ones I have now. I just think they are getting sick of me. Poor things. But then again... I am a blast to be around. They should count themselves lucky!
  5. The Babe went to bed reasonably well about 1/2 of the week. Which is much better than the last month so I will NOT complain. Still open to ideas from anyone that has them. How do you get a 3 1/2 year old to stay in bed with anything short of duct tape?
  6. LOVING the warm weather. But apparently it is going to rain this weekend. figures.
  7. I need to go to the dentist. It's been nearly 2 years. And I'm pretty sure there is a small cavity in the crater in one of the molars on the left side of my jaw. But this all requires cash. Maybe I should have taken on an extra tax client or two after all.
  8. I think the fan may be going out in my laptop. It's running much hotter than usual and earlier it shut itself off after it got too warm. Glad it has that feature.
  9. I have no clue what we are doing on Sunday for Easter. Well, we'll have the annual "find what the Easter Bunny hid in the back yard" adventure. Beyond that I haven't a clue.
  10. Baseball season starts on Sunday! Ok. I admit. I really don't care about that. But it's been on the news so much today I felt like it was an obligatory comment.
I'll try and check in before the easter bunny ear eating frenzy. Kisses!