Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mega Millions Part 2

I turned my voucher in for my free Mega Millions ticket. Apparently you could only get a quick pick. Which is totally not fair because I was TOTALLY prepared with my fortune cookie numbers in hand.

My numbers: 04 15 29 36 52 Mega Ball 20
The numbers drawn: 05 08 10 34 42 Mega Ball 25

Do you notice anything? I mean how totally cool is that? Proof. You get what you pay for.

I bought (actually forked up the buck for) tomorrow's Powerball. I bought it in the middle of nowhere at some cute little town Spit n Go. Or Go N Split or something like that. But it was in the middle of nowhere. And people always win in the middle of nowhere. So I think I'm good.

Will they make be go back to the middle of nowhere to claim my prize? I kind of hope so. The outdated Little Debbie will be well worth the return visit.

Remind me to delete this when I win. I'd hate to give bad press to the Lick and Get.

By the way. My numbers are 05 26 38 48 58 and Powerball 12 Go buy the same numbers. Then we can split the cash and get on TV and all that. What do you think? Everybody in?

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