Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Really Should Be Working

I really should be working but my brain never came back from lunch. I'll end up working Saturday but the rest of today is shot anyway. So you are getting a bunch of Random stuff today. aka. what is floating around in my brain.

  • Anybody read a good book lately? I need a book that is "just for fun". One that I can put down 25 times in an hour to deal with the crisis of the moment. And then can pick it back up 2 days later without having to re-read the last 2 pages to remember what was going on.
  • Hershey's kisses can fix just about anything.
  • Diet Coke can fix even more than Hershey's kisses.
  • I am in love with just about everything in this Etsy store. Maybe I should wear more jewelry.
  • Maybe I should have more disposable income.
  • I sing the chorus of "Clementine" to The Babe . She asked me the other day why "she is lost and gone forever." I answered her honestly and said that it was because she had drowned. The Babe then said, "maybe I should take those swimming lessons Mom. I don't want to be like Clementine."
  • Most days I feel like I will never be out of debt. But we are knocking it out $50 at a time.
  • The new information on credit card statements about how long it will take you to pay off the card if you only pay the minimum payment is kind of scary. Which means it is working. So that may be a good new law after all.
  • I really like the Simply Limeade from Simply Orange Juice Company. It reminds me of spring. But usually makes me want a Pea Picker. Please pass the Vodka. Thank you very much.
  • If you go to the Simply Orange Juice Company website you can listen to birds chirping. It might even make you think you are outside. But only if you close your eyes and open a window and grow some grass in your office.
  • The spider plant in my office is dying because it desperately needs to be re-potted.
  • I am tired of people that want something for nothing. Beggars can't be choosy right? Whoever wrote or said that must have been dealing with beggars from a different time and place.
  • I often daydream about the alternate reality where I drove a VW bus and toured the country painting murals and sleeping wherever I decided to crash, eating whatever fresh stuff somebody let me pick from their garden, handing out flowers to everyone, and having a dog named Spot that found me. That would make me a gypsy right?
  • My sister used to live in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • We almost moved to Jackson, Tennessee. We moved to Council Bluffs, IA instead.
  • None of the four stores that the Husband was offered a job at in July 2002 are still open. So I'm glad we didn't move to Jackson, TN. That store was hit by a tornado in 2004. Or maybe it was 2003.
  • I wish I had a red stapler.
  • There is a Cadbury caramel egg sitting on my desk that has been there since February.
  • When I was teen something or other I had zebra finches. my mom hated them because they made a huge mess. One died. The other flew away one day when I had the brilliant idea to clean the cage outside.
My brain obviously won't shut off. I'll give you a break now though. Then you can let the last 19 some odd things sink in.

There will be a quiz later. hope you paid attention.


clew said...

I haven't started it yet but a friend recommeded "Why My Third Husband will Be a Dog" by Lisa Scottoline. It's little funny essays she said made her LOL.

I saw a red stapler in a movie once and always wanted one as well. Never seen one except in that movie.

Krista said...

Your sister once lived in Brandon Mississippi. :) But since no one knows where Brandon is...Jackson is close enough!

Carolyn said...

oops. My bad. I flew into Jackson so I guess that's why.