Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Contents of My Purse

It's another of those stupid Meme things. Why are they called that anyway? Not sure why I'm even doing it except that I am switching purses anyway and it seemed like the thing to do. Considering that it is nearly 11:30 pm. We all know I should be in bed. Not switching my crap from one purse to another. But I bought this cool spring purse from Candice and I want to show it off. That and the corner of my mouth is cracked and I can't find the Burt's Bees in this mess in my purse. So here we go... Aren't you glad you tuned in?
  • My awesome yellow wallet -- that I liked so much that I bought it in Green too. Which I can't find. we'll skip discussing what is in the wallet short of my Driver's license, debit card, and checkbook
  • Coupon holder -- which desperately needs organized. And I forget to use every time I go to the store. I really should get back into the grocery game.
  • The Spring/Summer 2010 Season's Best from Pampered Chef. -- Because you never know when you might need the recipe for Chipotle Chili Cornbread Bake.
  • My glasses and a really ugly glass case. -- Which reminds me, I really need to get a new prescription
  • Little Purple zipper thing -- holds all of those reward cards, medical insurance card and carppy stuff like that.
  • 3 pack of Starbucks Via (Italian Roast) -- you can never be too far away from a good caffeine dose
  • Clip full of business cards for work -- I'm putting them into the purple zipper thing so they quit getting so beat up
  • Pill box for the crazy pills -- it's empty though
  • Orange pen -- The pen is orange not the ink. An orange ink pen would be kind of cool though don't you think?
  • Bunch of receipts that need thrown away -- how do I end up with so many of these?
  • An R2D2 tattoo. -- I have no clue.
  • Wet Nap -- I have a 3 year old
  • Mini Luna Bar - I have a 3 year old
  • Citrus Twist Tic Tacs -- My friend Wendy gave them to me. Do you think this was a hint?
  • Pill Bottle with more crazy pills -- I should probably consolidate
  • 2 more Wet Naps
  • Travel Size Scope. -- In case Wendy was trying to tell me something
  • OPI lipstick in Rosy Mistletoe -- they gave it to me free when I got a pedicure. Not a color I would EVER wear. Why did I keep it?
  • Rolaids Soft Chews -- These are pretty cool if you haven't tried them.
  • A roll of postcard stamps -- for mailing Pampered Chef invitations for all of the parties I haven't been good about booking
  • Car keys
  • Another key ring with 9 keys on it. --I know what 3 of them are for
  • Roll of Rolaids with only 2 left -- In case I run out of the soft chews
  • Flash drive -- no clue what is on it.
  • McDonald's wet nap -- because apparently 3 wasn't enough
  • Copy of the Babe's prescription card -- I can't find the original
  • Travel size hand lotion from some hotel I stayed at -- because my hands are chronically dry and it smells really good
  • Master keys for my job -- Putting them back in the purple thing
  • A coin purse -- no clue why I bought it except that it was something like $5 and it was cute
  • Roxanne's rabies tag -- I wondered where that went
  • Sally's rabies tag - maybe that other one is Jack's?
  • more receipts
  • Envelope and voucher for mailing my IRS payment -- because I will be making them payments for the rest of my life
  • about $5 in change
  • 3 Chuck E. Cheese tokens - I have a 3 year old
  • Collapsible Brush -- it has a mirror, which keeps the Babe entertained when I need to buy myself 5 minutes
So there you have it kids. The top 35 reasons why my purse weighs 24 pounds. Aren't you glad you stuck around this long?

I don't do tags. So tag yourself. Comment here that you dumped your purse too. And I'll send you some linky love. :)

Happy almost Friday!!

Where the heck did that Burt's Bees lip balm go? The corner of my mouth is falling off.

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Becki said...

I have a Miche bag so I never have to dump my purse ;)
But I do need a post...