Sunday, October 31, 2010

15 Things and 15 days later

Here is the list and how it progressed. There is an hour and a half left of today but I'm beat so I won't be accomplishing much more.
  1. Get a Route Beer Float pedicure. --Did this myself a couple of days ago.
  2. sweep up all of the spider webs around the front door --did this yesterday. The front door to the porch looks pretty good. pumpkins and crushed leaves included.
  3. roll in a pile of leaves -- done. it was kind of itchy
  4. make butternut squash soup -- I can barely talk about this one without breaking out in tears again. How can soup cause tears? Short version. I remember now why I don't try and peel butternut squash very often. It's a lot of work. but regardless, I made AWESOME soup. It was one of the best fall soups. perfectly spiced after a lot of tasting and trying. I ate it for supper and had enough left over that I was going to take it to work for all of us to enjoy for lunch. So I went to package it up. ended up with about 2 cups of it all over the stove. So then I went to do the rest over the sink. Dumping it into a gallon bag in a bowl in the sink. Got it all filled up. closed it up. lifted it out of the bowl. went to wash the soup off of the outside. dropped the bag. seal opened up. 6 cups of soup in the sink. tears.
  5. make applesauce --bought the apples today at the orchard. we'll have stewed apples tomorrow night for supper
  6. make spiced pears --can't find enough pears. my usual supply was blighted. : (
  7. drink apple wine from Kimmel Orchards -- drank apple wine today AT Kimmel Orchard. bonus points!
  8. have a bonfire - did this last night. stayed out there until it was so cold i couldn't feel my knees and the Babe fell asleep in my lap. It was pretty awesome.
  9. spike the apple cider --Captain Morgan and a coffee pot full of hot cider. pretty darn good.
  10. give the Babe and her big sissy a lesson in making caramel apples - Big sissy didn't really want to learn and then she and Son2 at the whole bag of caramels that were the quick way to make the caramel apples. so this one is a flop. i have all of the stuff to make caramel dip so we'll probably do that later this week. I have a peck of apples that need eating.
  11. take pictures at the pumpkin patch -- didn't make it to the patch
  12. make another Mr. Potato Head pumpkin -- Target was out of the pieces. We drew on the pumpkins with Sharpies instead
  13. drink hot chocolate made from scratch -- kind of cheated and used Nesquick. We'll go for better this month.
  14. bake pumpkin bread -- Made INCREDIBLE pumpkin cupcakes instead. Recipe is here. you could easily 1/2 the frosting recipe if you aren't going to make the roses on top. the cupcakes are the bomb. don't skip the frosting. it was too good to skip.
  15. buy Halloween candy on clearance -tomorrow!
October has been pretty good to us. Perfect to enter the month of thankfulness for our blessings. Fall is still with us! enjoy it!

Friday, October 29, 2010

There Was A Parade Today

A parade and a party at Preschool. Truly. Can there be a better way to spend the Friday before Halloween?

You can click on the picture to make it bigger. :)

10 Random Things for a Friday

Happy Friday!
  1. Last Sunday I cooked all day in preparation for a friend's upcoming surgery. Over the course of 9 hours we shopped and prepped and cooked and packaged. When I was done we had put up 14 meals for her family. She has a family of 10. So for a normal family it would be a month's worth of meals. Most of the meals will just go in the crockpot. Easily done by the 14 year old. It was awesome.
  2. The whole dead chicken thing has caused a kind of somber thing around the house.
  3. I took today off. Hubby had the day off and I haven't spent the day with him in more than 2 weeks. So I took the day off too. So far we've buried chickens, done two loads of laundry, cleaned up the yard a little, attended a preschool costume parade and cookie making party, eaten lunch at the cafe that doesn't serve breakfast after 11:00 (what kind of a cafe does that?), and Hubby has taken a nap while I worked on some real work stuff, and watched 2 episodes of "That 70's Show".
  4. I have an insane knot in my right shoulder. still.
  5. We broke down at work yesterday and scraped up enough change and 1 dollar bills and we bought sushi for lunch. It was medicinal sushi so it's OK.
  6. We have zero Halloween candy in our house. I have mixed feelings about that.
  7. There are 3 magazines sitting on the table that I haven't even opened.
  8. How does all of that garbage end up under the deck?
  9. We are having stroganoff for dinner. Hubby has been asking for it for a while. This is the first night we've all been in one place for dinner in I don't know how long.
  10. Great Pregnant One Update: Baby is weighing in at 4 1/2 lbs. She is 30 weeks but measuring at 32. All organs are good. Kidneys are working. He is breathing in the amnio fluid. It's looking good. She's still on bed rest but she's got a few less restrictions. A few more weeks and she's in the clear.
Big fall weekend plans on this end. I have a ton of things to finish on the "before the end of October" list. How 'bout you? What do you have planned?

No More Chickens - The Not So Short Version

2 months ago we had 16 chickens. We've lost a couple to hawks. We lost 3 to a coyote. Then we started losing chickens for we didn't know what.

I think it was last week that we lost 3 in one night. I was letting the dogs out the next night a little after dusk. I heard an incredibly awful chicken scream. Have you ever heard a chicken scream? It was awful. It was one of the worst noises I've ever heard. It was loud. It was high pitched. And it was loud. And yes, I do know I just wrote that twice. It was that loud.

So being the really smart person that I am, I ran to the chicken coop where the chicken screaming was coming from. I ran there without a flashlight. Without a weapon of any kind. Without thought, obviously. I did take Sally the Skunk dog with me though. Realizing that I had no weapon and that was an idiot for going to the screaming chicken coop without a weapon I did the best I could think of and started kicking and banging on the door. And then the chicken screamed again. And something ran out of the side of the coop. At least I think it did. I heard it run into the wall on the side of the coop. Sally heard it too. She ran towards the house. It took WAY less than a second for me to run too. Wouldn't you run too? The big ol' 1/2 lab dog that isn't afraid to take on a skunk R A N away. I ran too.

Hubby had stopped at a friends house on the way home. I called him about as fast as I ran back to the house. I'm not sure exactly what I said but he got the point and was home fast enough that I'm pretty sure he broke a couple of speeding kind of rules. While he was on his way I found a flashlight and something that could be used for a weapon. Neither of which I needed. He drove the truck to the backyard and pointed the headlights at the coop. Way better idea than my $3.49 flashlight.

The headlights revealed a raccoon trying to get into the coop. Jim yelled and screamed at it. Threw something at it. Coon ran. Jim went around to the front and replayed my pounding on the door thing, minus the running to the house part. Nothing else ran out. He took the truck back to the driveway. I tried to tell him what had happened. I don't think he heard me. He went out the garage. And then to the basement. And the whole time he was yelling about chickens and #$%& raccoons. I tried to tell him about the chicken screaming. He told me he had a plan and went back outside. He was out there for a while before I went out to see what the plan was.

Hubby was on the porch. Sitting on one of the porch chairs. Flood light flashlight on the table. .22 Pellet gun in his right hand. Left hand holding a Budweiser. Does this make us rednecks again?

We never did get any of the raccoons. We reinforced the chicken coop. The next night they got another chicken. We reinforced the chicken coop again. Then they got 2 more chickens. More reinforcing. More chicken slaughtering. Do you see where this is going?

Last night we had 3 chickens left. This morning we had none. I cried. There are no more chickens.

**big sigh**

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Places I Want To Go. Soon.

  1. On a vacation. Any vacation.
  2. Somewhere where you "have to take a ferry from the mainland."
  3. a happy hour serving REALLY good and super cheap sushi and sake bombs
  4. Kauai.
  5. Veggie Fest in Chicago.
  6. to bed to sleep soundly and with happy dreams and wake up whenever I want to
  7. My friend Elvis' couch. it's my calm place.
  8. Greece. I have a friend I'd like to sit and sip libations with.
  9. an apple orchard. i need some things to finish my things i want to get done before October ends.
  10. Ben and Jerry's factory. i hear the ice cream there has no calories.
  11. a truly hilarious movie. in a theater. with popcorn.
  12. to a porch with a porch swing that looks like those ones you see in the movies.
  13. Disneyland with my BFFF. She needs me there.
  14. On a Napa Valley winery tour. self explanatory
  15. I was going to say Heaven. But I know I am going there and I don't want to go soon. I just want to sit and talk to a few people I know that I can't talk to any more.
  16. an Iowa Hawkeye football home game. where they win and the crowd goes wild.
  17. To that alternate reality where I weigh a buck o' five.
  18. Somewhere where no one notices when you've gone crazy.
  19. A really good music concert. like the Grateful Dead ones used to be. or Maybe a David Bowie concert. Does he still tour?
  20. the moment in time when they discover a cure for cancer.
  21. the master bedroom we keep saying we need to build off the back of the house.
  22. outside but without the wind.
  23. on a 14 day Caribbean cruise. unless of course we find out I get sea sick. then only a 14 hour tour
  24. Back in time. I need to say something I didn't say in a certain life changing phone call.
  25. a happy place.
Where do you want to go?

From The Mouth of the Babe

"Yes Babe?"
"I love you."
"Thanks Babe. I love you too."
"I love you three"

And thus melts my heart.

Glee Obsession

I am in LOVE with Mark Salling. What's that? What's that you Say? How dare you remind me that he is the same age as my kids. OK. Reality is that I am in love with his voice. You probably know him as Puck on Glee. What? You've never heard of Glee? Freak. Where have you been? Regardless, I am in love with the voice of Mark Salling. And now he's got a solo album coming out. (do you still call them albums if they are on a CD?) I'm buying it no matter what you call it. And no. I can't remember the last CD I bought that didn't say Disney somewhere on the packaging. What of it?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Do You Know This One?

This is what it is like in my head when I try to go to sleep at night. I'm so glad someone made a song for it.

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Suzy over at itwalkedonmypillow wrote the truth about the weekend today. It about sums it up.
  2. My friend Matt is going to Buzzfest XXV in Houston. I am WAYY past jealous. Not so much as to the bands that are going to be there but more because of the atmosphere that I know these all day concert extravaganzas bring with them. Have you ever been to one? An all day concert thing? I am now so missing Lalapalooza.
  3. People that have an opportunity to do something, don't do it, and then whine later about not having/doing something that they JUST turned down the opportunity for, really tick me off. Did that sentence make sense to anyone but me?
  4. I need sushi and sake bombs. Don't want. Need.
  5. I need rich and generous friends that also like sushi and sake bombs and want to take me out for a lunch/happy hour/dinner.
  6. We have had a chicken massacre this week. There are feathers everywhere. We are down to 3 hens, a wounded hen, and a baby that we now think is a rooster. Not sure if it can ALL be attributed to raccoons, but that's all we've caught so far and we are quickly reinforcing the chicken coop. It's sad.
  7. I used up all of my minutes on Pandora again. I love Pandora.
  8. Bored Panda made me laugh several times this week. Made me in awe of great minds and severe talent that people possess. I'm glad a friend sent me the link. Check out the Lego sculpture one!
  9. The sheer quantity of candy that is available this time of the year is mindblowing. Insane. And yes. I have had a few baby size snickers. And a candy corn Kiss or two. :) Not too many though. Sugar is not at the top of my list lately.
  10. I wrote a post it note and put it on my wallet that says "Take $5". I have no idea what it was supposed to remind me to do and when or where I am supposed to take the $5. huh.
Here is wishing you a weekend of peace and quiet and fall colors and pumpkins and hay rack rides. I love this time of year. Enjoy a piece of it yourself. :)

That Feeling of Helplessness

you know how you have those helpless moments? The kind where you feel like you have to do something but there is nothing that you can do? I'm having one of those. A friend was diagnosed today with breast cancer. I know that a lot of you have dealt with this yourself or with someone that you care about. What would you say is the best thing that as a friend I can do? I know things I can do down the road. During treatment. and with recovery. But what can I do right now? Or is praying for her really all that I can do for now? I'm not the "best friend" that she will cry on the shoulder of. But she is a good friend. And I see her most every day.

Helpless. I hate this feeling. I am "do-er". I have to have something to do. dang it. Ideas?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

15 Things I Want to Do Before October Ends

  1. Get a Route Beer Float pedicure.
  2. sweep up all of the spider webs around the front door
  3. roll in a pile of leaves
  4. make butternut squash soup
  5. make applesauce
  6. make spiced pears
  7. drink apple wine from Kimmel Orchards
  8. have a bonfire
  9. spike the apple cider
  10. give the Babe and her big sissy a lesson in making caramel apples
  11. take pictures at the pumpkin patch
  12. make another Mr. Potato Head pumpkin
  13. drink hot chocolate made from scratch
  14. bake pumpkin bread
  15. buy Halloween candy on clearance

Friday, October 15, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Did I tell you that Toddler BAM is going to be a big brother? Mommy is due January 3rd. But the Baby thinks it wants to come early so she's on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. Bed rest for 3 months? Probably not, but she and the Dr. are doing all that they can to keep the baby cooking a little longer.
  2. I am going to get a passport and go see Foivi in Greece. Hopefully she'll cook me sea bass while I am there.
  3. I want my MTV. Do they EVER play music videos anymore?
  4. I also seriously considered starting a Twitter account just to see if I could get a couple of questions answered by the President. I didn't though. Did you watch the town hall meeting? It was interesting to say the least.
  5. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children she didn't know what to do. How many children do you think she had? I have 2 friends that have 10 kids each. And they seem to have it together. I suppose if I lived in a shoe I'd go crazy too.
  6. I finished 2 bottles of wine on Tuesday night. Which isn't as bad as it sounds because they only had a glass each still in them.
  7. Son2 has decided to major in Aviation. Direct result of the flight on Sunday. How absolutely awesome is that?
  8. Blue pens that have black ink in them piss me off. I don't care that your company has blue colors and logos. Put it on a blue pen NOT a black pen.
  9. I used to have a really cool wine opener. It was a Cork Lifter. I bought it at the dreaded W store about 3 years ago. On clearance. for 2 bucks. I know because I still have the box and it says $2.00 right on the sticker. I said "used to have" earlier because I do not have it anymore. It ran out of air. I can't find replacement cartridges. When you call the 800 number on the thing, you get a "this number doesn't work, but we'll send you a free text message to tell you what to do next and that will cost you 9.99 a month" recording. I really liked that opener. Sad.
  10. My husband does not like curry. I know this now because he finally told me this week. I make some kind of curry thing like once a month. And now he tells me and now I'm not going to make it any more but what am I supposed to do with a darn near full bottle of curry powder?
Gotta fly. Cupcakes for everyone!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Irritating things that really mean nothing

  1. Sending a business type email in Comic Sans type. Bradley Hand ITC is just about as bad. I mean if it isn't something cut and dry like Times Roman or Courier or Arial, etc. is really professional?
  2. People that use something that I wrote and then claim it as their own.
  3. Using my missing daughter's face/story/poster to promote a fundraiser without my permission.
  4. When someone answers the phone and then gets mad because it they can't talk on the phone right now. Then WHY THE H&** did you answer the phone? (yes. I know. I complained about this not too long ago. Someone did it to me again today.)
  5. Having to sit for more than 15-20 minutes after our scheduled appointment time and I'm still sitting in the lobby. If you can't get to someone, why don't you reschedule the appointment? Or let me know when I got there that you are running behind by 30 minutes or more and then give me the option to reschedule.
  6. Driving 30 minutes away to a Dr Appt for the Babe to get her school immunizations and waiting more than an hour after our appointment being in there for 5 minutes and having them tell the Babe she doesn't need another shot until 7th grade even though she will need a flu shot in a month or so and then going home and then having them call 2 days later to tell you that they missed a shot and I have to go back. Now who is going to tell the Babe that she has to go get another shot? And then another one in a month? Not me. I did though. She cried all the way to the clinic.
  7. Someone that points that my little world is not just about me. I mean, why burst my bubble. Even though it did need burst.
  8. Having a song that I really like used by a commercial. Great. Now I'll always associate it with that product. Oh well.
  9. Single ply toilet paper.
  10. People that don't understand the concept of a budget.
  11. Not being able to afford everything I want on Etsy.
  12. Cool cars driven by cocky drivers/owners that don't deserve such a cool car.
  13. The fact that I can't safely go to Jamaica and live like the locals do.
  14. Not owning the bar on the beach. We'll talk about that later.
  15. What do you call goat in Jamaican? Goat.
  16. Running out of fresh spinach.
  17. People on the food channel that describe food and it really just sounds gross. Take Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives for example.
  18. Head Cheese. Need I say more?
  19. Tripe. um... yeah. "once you get over the idea?"? yeah, right.
  20. That Alejandro song from Lady Gaga.
  21. Knowing that I can't pull something off in a reasonable amount of time.
  22. Procrastination. I am the Queen.
  23. Trying to decide whether or not to let a bottle of wine age vs. drinking it today.
  24. Do ChiChi's restaurants still exist?
  25. That Teleportation hasn't been invented yet.
  26. I owe more on my house than I could probably sell it for.
  27. Ditto that but substitute "car" for "house."
  28. the idea that fun size Mars candy bars have shrunk. Do they really still qualify as Fun Size?

  29. Blogger won't quit numbering these. I'll just sign off now and say that I'll pick up later. I found this in the saved drafts anyway. I should have posted it in August. But I didn't. So now you get it today. And now it just seems like I've complained back to back. But you get the idea.

Trader Joe's Part III

"Trader Joe's is taking applications for 60 positions. The grocery store opens in November and is expected to be a big draw." Is it really dumb that I am looking forward to November JUST for this reason?

I need to point out that this whole Trader Joe's coming to Omaha thing was my idea. Just in case you were wondering.

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's A Huge World

I used to be really aggravated with the people who "lived in their own little world". I couldn't believe that someone could not see outside of their immediate circle. Couldn't understand how someone could NOT realize that their actions went outside of that circle. Affected and effected others. Not just the ones that they saw every day. It ripples. It impacts. Each choice. Each action. Everyone. Every one.

When I was little I used to lay awake and try and wrap my head around infinity. Something with no beginning and no end. I'd cry. Because it wasn't something that I could even remotely comprehend. I know it is something tied into faith and that we aren't supposed to understand. But I wanted to. I needed to understand I thought.

The other day I realized that I had become "one of them." One of those who didn't see beyond my own little world. Me. and those I come in contact with each day. I found myself living in that little circle. A circle of one really. My problems and those of the people around me seemed so big. So large that I couldn't see past them. Couldn't see the bigger picture.

Still can't really. But I'm trying. But it's incomprehensible. I can't wrap my head around it. And I have to remind myself every day to look beyond our ripples and waves. To the choices. To the no beginning and no end.

My brain hurts. But I'm trying.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What We Did Today Part 3 - The Most Important Part

Husband has told me for years that he wants to learn to fly. Every time we go somewhere, he laments as to how much faster it would be if we could just fly there. Or teleport there. And while teleporting sounds like a good option, it's hard to really imagine having all of my molecules taken apart and reassembled. But that obviously won't be happening in this decade. So back to the flying.

Husband wants to be a pilot. But it is a darn expensive hobby. Which is really the only reason that we haven't done it. So back this spring, there was a Groupon deal for a discovery flight. I told my mom about it and it then became a rockin' birthday present for Husband. And it was a hit I tell you. By all accounts.

The flight allowed for up to 3 people and a weight limit of 400 pounds. I've flown in a small plane before. It was my first flight actually. LOVED it. I think I was about 9. So here we were at the airport, Husband and Son2 waiting to fly. And it occurs to Husband that they have more than 40 pounds to spare. So a certain 40 pound 4 year old was asked if she wanted to go up in the plane. The Babe started jumping up and down and did this John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever arm spread move. Add in the "yeah! I can fly!" and we translated this as a "yes please. I'd love to go up in the plane."

So up they went.

You have NEVER seen 3 bigger grins on these 3. It was a joy to watch. And it will be a birthday present that will be near impossible to top.

Now where do I come up with the $4000 to get the pilot's license?

What We Did Today Part 2

The not so perfect but actually kind of cute pumpkin was decorated by Husband and the Babe tonight. If you get a chance to get a Mr. Potato Head decorating kit, it is $6 well spent. Took a little more work than we thought. You still have to use a knife to start the pieces to go into the pumpkin. But I'm seriously considering going to Target and buying a few of the other kits. It's WAY cute. ; )

What We Did Today Part 1

We bypassed the "pumpkin patch on steroids" this year. I thought we'd support the little local patch instead. Considering that the kids had most of their fun at the playground that was way sadder than the local park's playground, it wasn't money well spent. But it was fun. And small. Which is what we needed today I guess. It was a busy day after all.

And after, two very tired little ones refused to take naps. What fun.

Friday, October 8, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. The bush/tree outside of my porch that turns my favorite shade of red in the fall is turning red now. Which means that it is officially fall. Never mind the calendar. It's all about the trees baby. All about the red trees.
  2. I gave up on giving up Diet Coke. It's too much pressure.
  3. Prince "The Hits 1" is in the CD player right now. I wish Prince would make more of his own new music. "If you didn't come to party, don't bother knocking on my door."
  4. I got new contacts last week. That would be because I lost my glasses. Looked for them for more than a week. Gave up and got contacts last week. I had to drive to CR and I can't drive at night without glasses. Not very well at least. So I got the contacts on Wednesday. On Thursday morning I found my glasses. Um. Yeah.
  5. I have the coolest mother ever. She sent me a Groupon today for hubby's favorite restaurant. Not for any reason. Just because she's cool like that. I see lasagna in our future.
  6. We almost took in another dog this week. How do these things keep finding us? Good thing the city we live in has a 3 animal limit. It gives me a good excuse to say, "No. We can't."
  7. Pumpkin patching is in our weekend plans. Just haven't decided how adventurous we are going to get. Carnival style with pumpkins as a side note, or the traditional patch. I'll let you know what we decide.
  8. My closest friends have lamented this week that we really all need a vacation. I think they are right.
  9. I see a 5:00 wine tasting in my future. My NEAR future.
  10. I ordered new business cards this week. Personal cards really. I'll let you know how they come out. I love Vista Print by the way.
I know those were lame. But I had a whole bunch of other things to tell you. But I decided they needed more explanation or deserved a post all of their own. Let's see what I can get to tonight and I'll share the love. But I have to get a move on if I'm going to go wine tastying at 5:00.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

37 Things That Make Me Smack Myself in the Forehead and Say "Duh."

  1. Running out of wine and I really need just ONE more glass.
  2. When people do nothing and then get mad because no one did anything.
  3. It is someone else's turn to do the dishes. And I end up doing it anyway because they have a theory that they will be easier to clean if they "just soak a little longer."
  4. Piles on top of things that shouldn't have piles on top of them. The pie safe for instance.
  5. Planning a really nice party for people that RSVP that they are coming and then they don't show up.
  6. When you give and give and give for someone and then you need something little and they are nowhere to be found.
  7. Buying something on Tuesday and then it goes on sale on Wednesday.
  8. The fact that we were going to remove the ugly strawberry wallpaper in the kitchen shortly after we moved in and the stupid stuff is still on the wall more than 3 years later.
  9. Not packing a coat on a road trip and then you are freezing to death when it is 35 degrees on a day that was supposed to be clear and 55.
  10. Not realizing I drank the last Diet Coke until I go to grab a new one.
  11. My back closet is full of probably $1000 of scrapbooking stuff and I haven't scrapped a single page in over 2 years.
  12. Not remembering if I took my meds or not and then standing there weighing the side effects of not taking them vs. taking a double dose. and no. I didn't do that tonight.
  13. People that ask for your opinion and then argue and tell you you are wrong. HELLO! It is my opinion. By definition it belongs to me and is therefore right.
  14. People that always think they are right regardless of the subject. And then get mad at YOU when they realize they are wrong.
  15. Whoever put the milk carton back in the fridge with an ounce left in it. What? You didn't need the last ounce?
  16. When someone finishes the milk. Then doesn't tell me that we are out of milk. but then gets mad that I didn't get milk at the store.
  17. Same thing. Just substitute "bread" for "milk".
  18. My brain doesn't want to do (at 12:24 AM) anymore work that REALLY has to be done by tomorrow but is perfectly capable of writing a pointless blog.
  19. not remembering why you got up and walked to the other side of the office building now that you are there.
  20. forgetting what you are going to say in the middle of a
  21. People that don't use spell check on business type emails.
  22. Carp. I forgot what this one was going to be.
  23. Having a really good point and then the person you are making it to drifts off and has obviously lost interest in the conversation.
  24. Said person saying "you never listen to me."
  25. People that don't say "thank you." It takes less than a second people.
  26. Being "unfriended" on Facebook and not knowing why.
  27. Running out of wine and I really need just ONE more glass. I mean. HELLO. This is me. How the heck did I run out of wine?
  28. When Pandora plays absolutely NO SONG that you know for more than 20 minutes.
  29. People with conspiracy theory mentality. Really. Is the ENTIRE world out to get you?
  30. Knowing that there are supposedly "blackmail" pictures but having absolutely NO clue what they could be of.
  31. Having an '"inside joke" with someone and then they suddenly forget what the joke was. And they leave you standing there looking like a fool.
  32. Looking like a fool for anything that is out of my control.
  33. Having the anticipation that builds up before something be REALLY HUGE and then the something happens and it was TOTALLY not worth all of the hype.
  34. When people don't catch on quite as fast as I do and then I am standing there waiting for them to figure it out because I can't figure out how to explain it any differently.
  35. When I don't catch on quite as fast as someone else and then they get mad because I don't and they don't explain it well enough.
  36. Being 10 minutes late and it isn't my fault.
(this one gets it's own renumbering because it is the entire reason that I started writing this post that has now grown out of control)
  1. When someone does something EXTREMELY and monumentally carppy, hurts you tremendously, knows that what they did was monumentally carrpy, never apologizes, and then pretends that it never happened and expects you to do the same.
I hate that.