Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Places I Want To Go. Soon.

  1. On a vacation. Any vacation.
  2. Somewhere where you "have to take a ferry from the mainland."
  3. a happy hour serving REALLY good and super cheap sushi and sake bombs
  4. Kauai.
  5. Veggie Fest in Chicago.
  6. to bed to sleep soundly and with happy dreams and wake up whenever I want to
  7. My friend Elvis' couch. it's my calm place.
  8. Greece. I have a friend I'd like to sit and sip libations with.
  9. an apple orchard. i need some things to finish my things i want to get done before October ends.
  10. Ben and Jerry's factory. i hear the ice cream there has no calories.
  11. a truly hilarious movie. in a theater. with popcorn.
  12. to a porch with a porch swing that looks like those ones you see in the movies.
  13. Disneyland with my BFFF. She needs me there.
  14. On a Napa Valley winery tour. self explanatory
  15. I was going to say Heaven. But I know I am going there and I don't want to go soon. I just want to sit and talk to a few people I know that I can't talk to any more.
  16. an Iowa Hawkeye football home game. where they win and the crowd goes wild.
  17. To that alternate reality where I weigh a buck o' five.
  18. Somewhere where no one notices when you've gone crazy.
  19. A really good music concert. like the Grateful Dead ones used to be. or Maybe a David Bowie concert. Does he still tour?
  20. the moment in time when they discover a cure for cancer.
  21. the master bedroom we keep saying we need to build off the back of the house.
  22. outside but without the wind.
  23. on a 14 day Caribbean cruise. unless of course we find out I get sea sick. then only a 14 hour tour
  24. Back in time. I need to say something I didn't say in a certain life changing phone call.
  25. a happy place.
Where do you want to go?

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