Tuesday, October 5, 2010

37 Things That Make Me Smack Myself in the Forehead and Say "Duh."

  1. Running out of wine and I really need just ONE more glass.
  2. When people do nothing and then get mad because no one did anything.
  3. It is someone else's turn to do the dishes. And I end up doing it anyway because they have a theory that they will be easier to clean if they "just soak a little longer."
  4. Piles on top of things that shouldn't have piles on top of them. The pie safe for instance.
  5. Planning a really nice party for people that RSVP that they are coming and then they don't show up.
  6. When you give and give and give for someone and then you need something little and they are nowhere to be found.
  7. Buying something on Tuesday and then it goes on sale on Wednesday.
  8. The fact that we were going to remove the ugly strawberry wallpaper in the kitchen shortly after we moved in and the stupid stuff is still on the wall more than 3 years later.
  9. Not packing a coat on a road trip and then you are freezing to death when it is 35 degrees on a day that was supposed to be clear and 55.
  10. Not realizing I drank the last Diet Coke until I go to grab a new one.
  11. My back closet is full of probably $1000 of scrapbooking stuff and I haven't scrapped a single page in over 2 years.
  12. Not remembering if I took my meds or not and then standing there weighing the side effects of not taking them vs. taking a double dose. and no. I didn't do that tonight.
  13. People that ask for your opinion and then argue and tell you you are wrong. HELLO! It is my opinion. By definition it belongs to me and is therefore right.
  14. People that always think they are right regardless of the subject. And then get mad at YOU when they realize they are wrong.
  15. Whoever put the milk carton back in the fridge with an ounce left in it. What? You didn't need the last ounce?
  16. When someone finishes the milk. Then doesn't tell me that we are out of milk. but then gets mad that I didn't get milk at the store.
  17. Same thing. Just substitute "bread" for "milk".
  18. My brain doesn't want to do (at 12:24 AM) anymore work that REALLY has to be done by tomorrow but is perfectly capable of writing a pointless blog.
  19. not remembering why you got up and walked to the other side of the office building now that you are there.
  20. forgetting what you are going to say in the middle of a
  21. People that don't use spell check on business type emails.
  22. Carp. I forgot what this one was going to be.
  23. Having a really good point and then the person you are making it to drifts off and has obviously lost interest in the conversation.
  24. Said person saying "you never listen to me."
  25. People that don't say "thank you." It takes less than a second people.
  26. Being "unfriended" on Facebook and not knowing why.
  27. Running out of wine and I really need just ONE more glass. I mean. HELLO. This is me. How the heck did I run out of wine?
  28. When Pandora plays absolutely NO SONG that you know for more than 20 minutes.
  29. People with conspiracy theory mentality. Really. Is the ENTIRE world out to get you?
  30. Knowing that there are supposedly "blackmail" pictures but having absolutely NO clue what they could be of.
  31. Having an '"inside joke" with someone and then they suddenly forget what the joke was. And they leave you standing there looking like a fool.
  32. Looking like a fool for anything that is out of my control.
  33. Having the anticipation that builds up before something be REALLY HUGE and then the something happens and it was TOTALLY not worth all of the hype.
  34. When people don't catch on quite as fast as I do and then I am standing there waiting for them to figure it out because I can't figure out how to explain it any differently.
  35. When I don't catch on quite as fast as someone else and then they get mad because I don't and they don't explain it well enough.
  36. Being 10 minutes late and it isn't my fault.
(this one gets it's own renumbering because it is the entire reason that I started writing this post that has now grown out of control)
  1. When someone does something EXTREMELY and monumentally carppy, hurts you tremendously, knows that what they did was monumentally carrpy, never apologizes, and then pretends that it never happened and expects you to do the same.
I hate that.


Eric Alder said...

Great list, Carolyn!

Yes, people can be carppy sometimes.

Sharon said..., don't walk to my house. We will commiserate with many wines. :)

PS...I spellchecked. ;) and I really hate to look like a fool too....unless I'm drunk and don't know any better, until said friends decide to repeatedly bring it up OVER and OVER in front of new people, then I look like the fool I hate to look like, even though it was my fault. I digress. Come over, it'll be okay. We can paint horses if need be. ;)