Sunday, October 10, 2010

What We Did Today Part 3 - The Most Important Part

Husband has told me for years that he wants to learn to fly. Every time we go somewhere, he laments as to how much faster it would be if we could just fly there. Or teleport there. And while teleporting sounds like a good option, it's hard to really imagine having all of my molecules taken apart and reassembled. But that obviously won't be happening in this decade. So back to the flying.

Husband wants to be a pilot. But it is a darn expensive hobby. Which is really the only reason that we haven't done it. So back this spring, there was a Groupon deal for a discovery flight. I told my mom about it and it then became a rockin' birthday present for Husband. And it was a hit I tell you. By all accounts.

The flight allowed for up to 3 people and a weight limit of 400 pounds. I've flown in a small plane before. It was my first flight actually. LOVED it. I think I was about 9. So here we were at the airport, Husband and Son2 waiting to fly. And it occurs to Husband that they have more than 40 pounds to spare. So a certain 40 pound 4 year old was asked if she wanted to go up in the plane. The Babe started jumping up and down and did this John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever arm spread move. Add in the "yeah! I can fly!" and we translated this as a "yes please. I'd love to go up in the plane."

So up they went.

You have NEVER seen 3 bigger grins on these 3. It was a joy to watch. And it will be a birthday present that will be near impossible to top.

Now where do I come up with the $4000 to get the pilot's license?

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Becki said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! My hubby got about half-way through getting his pilot's license, but the time and money ran out :(

By the way, you've been Boo'd!
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