Friday, October 22, 2010

That Feeling of Helplessness

you know how you have those helpless moments? The kind where you feel like you have to do something but there is nothing that you can do? I'm having one of those. A friend was diagnosed today with breast cancer. I know that a lot of you have dealt with this yourself or with someone that you care about. What would you say is the best thing that as a friend I can do? I know things I can do down the road. During treatment. and with recovery. But what can I do right now? Or is praying for her really all that I can do for now? I'm not the "best friend" that she will cry on the shoulder of. But she is a good friend. And I see her most every day.

Helpless. I hate this feeling. I am "do-er". I have to have something to do. dang it. Ideas?

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Eric Alder said...

There's not really much you can 'do' except to let her know you'll be there for her. And that may be more than enough.

Best wishes for your friend.