Sunday, January 23, 2011

Take an Almost 3 Yr Old Bowling

This is Lucas. He's my oldest grandson (in case you haven't been following along. He'll be 3 at the end of January. We took him bowling.

The balls were as big as his head.

He was none too excited about waiting his turn. The other goofball is my niece Ella. Isn't she cute? LOL
"Please? Can I have my turn?"

And he "DID IT!!" First ball. First try. No help at all. Have you ever tried to help an almost 3 year old bowl with a ball as big as his head? Yeah. Then you understand. You can't really help much.

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Many Faces

This is my niece Gracie. I love her more than any aunt could love a niece. Being there the day she was born was an incredible experience. Emotional. In HUGE ways. And now she is six. And I can hardly believe it. Because I remember that day like it was last week.

She is a dork though.

And a good big sister.

And moody.
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Snowy Day Pics

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Three Grandsons Including The One with the Mohawk

This is the 2 1/2 year old that has a mohawk. In December. Right before we were supposed to have pictures taken. I really should go get the pictures taken though. Document this winter. So that when the pregnancy hormones all wear off, BAM's mommy will be able to laugh. At the fact that she gave the 2 1/2 year old a mohawk. In December. Right before the photo opportunities of Christmas.

Both Baby and Mommy are sleeping well. This nap was on the love seat in my living room. With 10 other people in the house. Most of them in the living room.

I had the BRILLIANT idea to take a picture of all 3 of my grandsons together. Took about a dozen. This one was the best of all of them. Go ahead. Laugh. But you try and take a picture of two grandsons that have better things to do and one of them that can't hold a 2 week old baby without his mother having an anxiety attack next to me.

But we did get a good one of the brothers together. He really does love him.

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Christmas 2010 Babe Style

Anybody could have read the Grinch to her. But she only wanted Eric. And Eric, who doesn't particularly like reading out loud, read the book to the Babe. More animated than I've ever seen him be. It was an awesome Christmas present for the Babe. And for me.

Who would have thought that shoes would get such a reaction. But they are somewhere between bedazzled and Twinkle Toes without the light ups. They are pretty cool. : )

Candice made these special order. They match her coat wonderfully. And don't look too bad with the pajamas either.

Babe has an obsession with lip gloss lately. Especially the ones from the dollar bin at Target.
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Preschool Christmas Party

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way with a bell hung around my neck. They were way more interested in ringing the bells than in singing the song. But there is actually a story that goes with this one.

This was the 2nd of 3 songs. I don't have pictures of song number one. It was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. They had hand gestures for it and everything. The teacher got them all together on the oval carpet. The teacher in the rocking chair. Just like they did in practice. They all stood up and sang the song and did the gestures. All while facing the teacher. Leaving all of the parents and friends standing in the back of the room, watching the backs of the preschoolers singing Rudolph and doing cute gestures.

So at the beginning of song 2, the teacher got the kids to turn around so "parents can take pictures." She started out singing behind them standing in front of the chair. They kept trying to turn around and look at her. So she moved to the side of them. They just kept watching her. And as they sang and rang their bells, they watched it. And turned a little towards her. And sang, and turned some more. By the time the song was over, they were all facing the teacher, standing sideways from the parents. All of the parents laughing to ourselves and each other. Song number 3, the teacher just gave up and went back to the chair. I couldn't tell you what the 3rd song was. The other parents and myself were still laughing.

Decorating cookies with sprinkles. Or more accurately sprinkles with a cookie underneath it.

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The best part of this ornament she made? The picture in the middle is of her on the first day of preschool.

Pretend it is Friday

Random. Random. Random.
  1. We got 9 inches of snow in about 18 hours. Stopped this morning. It was a "light snow". So shoveling it wasn't too bad. Took Hubby and I about 90 minutes to get it all off the drive. We really need to buy a snow blower.
  2. Babe has been running around in nothing but her underwear for about 2 hours. It is 3 degrees out. I'm in slippers and sweatshirts and she is naked. Warm blooded maybe?
  3. We went to Secretariat at the cheap theater. As we left the theater, Babe started galloping down the hall and yelling, "Ride me Daddy!" The people leaving our movie started laughing. We may or may not have gotten a few of "those" looks from people coming out of another movie.
  4. Aldi had fresh pineapple for 99 cents yesterday. Babe and I ate so much pineapple yesterday that we gave our tongues acid burns.
  5. We have mice. several. I set 12 traps one night last week. We caught 5 mice in the first 2 days. Which reminds me. I need to go check the traps downstairs.
  6. This week at preschool, Show and Tell has to start with the letter 'K'.
  7. Baby Josh is doing wonderfully. He did have a 2 day stint in the hospital a couple of weeks ago for a spiking fever of unknown origin. But he is doing great now. And GROWING!!
  8. I have a craving for corn on the cob. and tomatoes that don't taste like water. This could be why this is the time of year when the seed catalogs start arriving. Bring on the catalogs!
  9. BAM's mommy gave him a mohawk. Gave a 2 year old a mohawk. In December. We are going to write it off to pregnancy hormones. I'll see if I can find a picture to post.
  10. I turned the oven on a little while ago. I can't remember why. I'm sure I was going to make something. But I got sidetracked and now I don't know what it was. I really should get off of here and go find something to put in it. Supper maybe?

Something Nice

You know that whole thing about "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."? I had several times this month where I was going to bring my hiatus from blogging to an end. I had all kinds of things to say. Or more accurately, rant about. I even started to write a couple of them. But then I had to stop. It occurred to me, at several points, that this here being a public blog anybody could stumble across it. And if said anybody was someone that was a real live friend or family or employer, that I might just find myself in a little more than a little hot water. Or in jail. Or in the custody of the state mental facility.

So I didn't post.

But now I can think of nice (and non-end up in the looney bin) things to say. So I am making a reappearance.

Did ya miss me? oh. alrighty then. I'm back anyway.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011

because it seems to be what everybody else is doing.....
2010 wrap up:

Survived it.

2011 goals:

Survive 2011 and make it better than 2011.

More to follow.