Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pretend it is Friday

Random. Random. Random.
  1. We got 9 inches of snow in about 18 hours. Stopped this morning. It was a "light snow". So shoveling it wasn't too bad. Took Hubby and I about 90 minutes to get it all off the drive. We really need to buy a snow blower.
  2. Babe has been running around in nothing but her underwear for about 2 hours. It is 3 degrees out. I'm in slippers and sweatshirts and she is naked. Warm blooded maybe?
  3. We went to Secretariat at the cheap theater. As we left the theater, Babe started galloping down the hall and yelling, "Ride me Daddy!" The people leaving our movie started laughing. We may or may not have gotten a few of "those" looks from people coming out of another movie.
  4. Aldi had fresh pineapple for 99 cents yesterday. Babe and I ate so much pineapple yesterday that we gave our tongues acid burns.
  5. We have mice. several. I set 12 traps one night last week. We caught 5 mice in the first 2 days. Which reminds me. I need to go check the traps downstairs.
  6. This week at preschool, Show and Tell has to start with the letter 'K'.
  7. Baby Josh is doing wonderfully. He did have a 2 day stint in the hospital a couple of weeks ago for a spiking fever of unknown origin. But he is doing great now. And GROWING!!
  8. I have a craving for corn on the cob. and tomatoes that don't taste like water. This could be why this is the time of year when the seed catalogs start arriving. Bring on the catalogs!
  9. BAM's mommy gave him a mohawk. Gave a 2 year old a mohawk. In December. We are going to write it off to pregnancy hormones. I'll see if I can find a picture to post.
  10. I turned the oven on a little while ago. I can't remember why. I'm sure I was going to make something. But I got sidetracked and now I don't know what it was. I really should get off of here and go find something to put in it. Supper maybe?

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Lou said...

3 Degrees! Wow! We're sitting at -42C...
Love your sense of humor, and needed a good laugh today, thanks!