Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Professor!

The Christmas Playlist is up and moving. Forcing myself into the holiday spirit. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Hope you enjoy the music.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After The Day They Stuffed Themselves Volume 4

  1. I am so tired I can barely focus and I have no idea why I am still posting. So if I say anything stupid we'll blame it on the sleep deprivation.
  2. I plotted my Black Friday shopping via
  3. I went to bed last night at 11:00. I got up this morning at 3:15. Because I am a fool and the Pusher and I wanted to be at Target at 4:00 am.
  4. 4:00 am is way too freaking early to be anywhere let alone at Target.
  5. The Pusher and I were walking in the door at Target at 4:06 am. Seriously? Have I lost my mind?
  6. For 2 weeks I've been completely psyched about the Dyson DC 17 that was on the doorbuster sale at Target at 4:00 am today. Last night hubby vetoed the purchase of said vacuum. We have a thing where any purchase over $100 has to be approved by both of us. I listened. I didn't buy the vacuum. I cried every time I walked past it though.
  7. I got everything on my list at Target this morning. Except the vacuum.
  8. I returned two of the things on my list today at about noon. Buyer's remorse I think. I then promptly spent more money on other stuff. but it was at a different Target so I think that that should count for something.
  9. JC Penney, Old Navy, and Children's Place also received good portions of my last paycheck this morning.
  10. I bought myself a new pair of walking shoes at JC Penney's. Same as the current pair. These just look newer.
  11. I bought a REALLY cute pair of fingerless gloves that convert to mittens at Old Navy. They are funky colors and something that I normally wouldn't buy but they were cool. And I've been up since 3:15 am.
  12. We had an incredible cinnamon roll for breakfast at 7:00 am at Wheatfields. I also had quiche and Pusher had an omelet. But we were still talking about the cinnamon roll later on today.
  13. I have had a 20 oz of coffee, a 24 oz SugarFree Monster drink, and about a dozen Diet Cokes today.
  14. The really cool funky colored Old Navy mittens were coming unknitted at the seam by noon.
  15. My bedroom is in the basement. Under the kitchen. I tried to take a nap at 1:45. But the phone rang at 2:05 and there were elephants in the kitchen that had a parade from 2:20 to about 2:45 so I finally just gave up got out of bed and had another Diet Coke.
  16. I have to go back to Old Navy and Target tomorrow. I have 2 things I need to exchange.
  17. It is 9:27 pm. I have no idea how I am still seeing let alone typing. I think I should go to bed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mulled Spiked Cider

The Caramel Apple Orchard Martini
1 1/2 oz. Vodka (I used Oval vodka)
1 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps (I used Hiram Walker)
2 1/2 oz. Fresh Apple
Cider (I used the fresh stuff from my local orchard)

Hot Spiked Cider

1 gallon apple cider
8 cinnamon sticks
½ teaspoon nutmeg
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon whole allspice
the peel off ¼ of a lemon

Put all ingredients into a large pot. Bring almost to a boil, then turn heat down to low and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain. Serve in a mug with one ounce of rum or whiskey.

Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

So rather than do the usual 10 random things... today we are going to review the top ten reasons why coming to help out the friend that had surgery this week was more than you bargained for.
  1. Dog with chronic diarrhea that you don't find until you are ready to go to bed. Three nights in a row.
  2. The great homework scandal of November 12, 2010.
  3. Silly friends that say silly things when you give them a full dose of codeine medication.
  4. Empty bags of snack size Doritos that you keep finding in REALLY odd places.
  5. Emergency trip to Kohl's because doped up friend decided I needed cute socks. See number 1 from last week.
  6. Food poisoning from that really nice place that you went for lunch.
  7. Googling "Pepto Bismol overdose" as a direct result of #5.
  8. Forgetting to take someone to dance class.
  9. Un-returned RedBox movies. Grown Ups was pretty darn funny by the way.
  10. Staying up until 11:00 and discussing sociopath vs psychopath with a 15 year old.
  11. Small child tracking poop (see number 1) across the ENTIRE upstairs carpet.
  12. Broken central vac systems.
  13. Columbus invading America.
  14. Giving employment law explanations.
  15. Animaniacs 50 states 50 capitals song 50 times.
  16. Trips to the emergency room with child. Friend that just had surgery, passing out at the emergency room.
  17. Unplanned move of adult child from apartment to new mobile home.
  18. Calls to 4 doctors for 4 different people.

I know this was more than 10. But it has been a long 3 days. Holy cow. It has only been 3 days.

I need a sake bomb.

Friday, November 5, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I need new clothes. badly. I have 2 pairs of jeans, one pair of slacks, and one skirt that fit well and are decent enough to wear in public. That and 70% of my socks have holes in them.
  2. My mom's favorite pie is Pecan Pie. I've tried several times to make it. I suck at it. I can make pretty good candied pecans as a result though.
  3. This was not the week for solid sleep. And why is it that whenever any one else is up in my house they feel that they must wake me up to tell me about it? They can't lay back down quietly, why?
  4. Today is Gunpowder Day. I swear there is a holiday for everything.
  5. There are carnations on my desk. I love carnations. And the fall colored ones are the best.
  6. I didn't buy Halloween clearance candy. Decided we were all better off if we didn't have it in the house. And then last night I was at Target. With the kids. And somehow a bag of mixed Mars stuff ended up in the cart. No clue how that might have happened.
  7. There is way too much Christmas stuff in Target. I'm not ready for this.
  8. November was called "Blood Month" by the ancient Saxons because that was the month they sacrificed animals to their gods. Bet you didn't know that now, did ya?
  9. We need another bonfire. Maybe this weekend. This time with a little less spiked cider I think. You busy?
  10. Great Pregnant One update: Baby is growing nicely. GPO is doing well as long as she remembers to stay hydrated. The Dr. said yesterday that the goal is to keep him in there as long as possible (obviously) but at least 3 more weeks. The meds are still playing havoc on her systems but she seems to be tolerating them better. Keep praying for her.
And there you have it folks. The 10 Random Things for Friday November 5, 2010. Happy weekend. I have no major plans which means the world will fall in at some point. I'll let you know how it goes.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

  • If most bread is square, why are most meats and that round?
  • Why are those Styrofoam packing things called peanuts? whose idea was it to make them that shape? Don't they look more like cheeto puffs?
  • What happened to the Emergency Broadcast System? Is it pathetic that I can still say it word for word?
  • Do you think there were woodpeckers on the ark?
  • Why is it that you only realize you are out of toilet paper when it is you that is sitting on the pot?
  • Why was Donkey Kong named Donkey Kong? He isn't a donkey.
  • When they invented the touch tone phone, why didn't they make the number pad the same as on a 10-key calculator?
Let me know if you come up with any answers.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Of Those Kind of Dreams

I had one of those kind of dreams last night. One of those dreams. The kind that you wake up from and then can't go to sleep after. Because you might go to sleep and dream the same dream. Pick up where the last one left off. Which would be really bad because the dream really sucked. Was pretty d#$% awful actually. It was one of those kind of dreams.

Now it is the next night and I don't want to go to sleep. Because I am afraid that it will start all over again.

This sucks big green boogers.

Vote. Otherwise You Have To Shut Up.

Public Service Announcement. At least my own spin on one.

Did you vote yet? You did? Good for you. Isn't it wonderful to live in a country where we get to vote without fear of persecution and violence?

You didn't? Go vote. Go now. You vote DOES count. How many votes did Gore lose by in the 2004 election? 537 if I remember right. If those 537+ people hadn't gone to vote. Imagine how different things might be. It may not be a presidential election. But it is for many states a gubernatorial election. It is an election for many senators and congressmen. - If you don't know where to go. No matter which party you align yourself with, just make sure you make time today to vote.

End Public Service Announcement.