Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After The Day They Stuffed Themselves Volume 4

  1. I am so tired I can barely focus and I have no idea why I am still posting. So if I say anything stupid we'll blame it on the sleep deprivation.
  2. I plotted my Black Friday shopping via
  3. I went to bed last night at 11:00. I got up this morning at 3:15. Because I am a fool and the Pusher and I wanted to be at Target at 4:00 am.
  4. 4:00 am is way too freaking early to be anywhere let alone at Target.
  5. The Pusher and I were walking in the door at Target at 4:06 am. Seriously? Have I lost my mind?
  6. For 2 weeks I've been completely psyched about the Dyson DC 17 that was on the doorbuster sale at Target at 4:00 am today. Last night hubby vetoed the purchase of said vacuum. We have a thing where any purchase over $100 has to be approved by both of us. I listened. I didn't buy the vacuum. I cried every time I walked past it though.
  7. I got everything on my list at Target this morning. Except the vacuum.
  8. I returned two of the things on my list today at about noon. Buyer's remorse I think. I then promptly spent more money on other stuff. but it was at a different Target so I think that that should count for something.
  9. JC Penney, Old Navy, and Children's Place also received good portions of my last paycheck this morning.
  10. I bought myself a new pair of walking shoes at JC Penney's. Same as the current pair. These just look newer.
  11. I bought a REALLY cute pair of fingerless gloves that convert to mittens at Old Navy. They are funky colors and something that I normally wouldn't buy but they were cool. And I've been up since 3:15 am.
  12. We had an incredible cinnamon roll for breakfast at 7:00 am at Wheatfields. I also had quiche and Pusher had an omelet. But we were still talking about the cinnamon roll later on today.
  13. I have had a 20 oz of coffee, a 24 oz SugarFree Monster drink, and about a dozen Diet Cokes today.
  14. The really cool funky colored Old Navy mittens were coming unknitted at the seam by noon.
  15. My bedroom is in the basement. Under the kitchen. I tried to take a nap at 1:45. But the phone rang at 2:05 and there were elephants in the kitchen that had a parade from 2:20 to about 2:45 so I finally just gave up got out of bed and had another Diet Coke.
  16. I have to go back to Old Navy and Target tomorrow. I have 2 things I need to exchange.
  17. It is 9:27 pm. I have no idea how I am still seeing let alone typing. I think I should go to bed.

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