Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

  • If most bread is square, why are most meats and that round?
  • Why are those Styrofoam packing things called peanuts? whose idea was it to make them that shape? Don't they look more like cheeto puffs?
  • What happened to the Emergency Broadcast System? Is it pathetic that I can still say it word for word?
  • Do you think there were woodpeckers on the ark?
  • Why is it that you only realize you are out of toilet paper when it is you that is sitting on the pot?
  • Why was Donkey Kong named Donkey Kong? He isn't a donkey.
  • When they invented the touch tone phone, why didn't they make the number pad the same as on a 10-key calculator?
Let me know if you come up with any answers.


Eric Alder said...

I've seen both round breads and square meats and cheeses. It all depends on what (and where) you buy them.

(That reminds me of the old question about the number of hot dogs in a package -vs- the number of hot dog buns)

They still have the Emergency Broadcast System, but I don't think they need to test it as often now that it's all digital and run by computers.

Woodpeckers were on the ark, but God made all the animals behave during those 40 rainy days and nights. (That's why the lions didn't eat the zebras, etc)

Empty toilet paper spindles are just Karma coming back to you for something wrong that you did earlier, like putting the roll on going underneath instead of over the top (which is the right way).

The Japanese creator of Donkey Kong found the word "donkey" listed in a translation book as the English equivalent for the Japanese word for "stubborn".

The oppositely-arranged layouts of the 10-digit keys on phones/faxes is especially irritating for those of us whole learned 10-key numerical data entry on calculators/keyboards. (I don't have an answer for that annoyance, Carolyn)

Lanel said...

We still have the Emergency Broadcast System here --- in fact I've had it interrupt shows a few times in the past year with alerts.

And...yeah, what about the phone/10-key's annoying that they aren't the same. :)