Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

So rather than do the usual 10 random things... today we are going to review the top ten reasons why coming to help out the friend that had surgery this week was more than you bargained for.
  1. Dog with chronic diarrhea that you don't find until you are ready to go to bed. Three nights in a row.
  2. The great homework scandal of November 12, 2010.
  3. Silly friends that say silly things when you give them a full dose of codeine medication.
  4. Empty bags of snack size Doritos that you keep finding in REALLY odd places.
  5. Emergency trip to Kohl's because doped up friend decided I needed cute socks. See number 1 from last week.
  6. Food poisoning from that really nice place that you went for lunch.
  7. Googling "Pepto Bismol overdose" as a direct result of #5.
  8. Forgetting to take someone to dance class.
  9. Un-returned RedBox movies. Grown Ups was pretty darn funny by the way.
  10. Staying up until 11:00 and discussing sociopath vs psychopath with a 15 year old.
  11. Small child tracking poop (see number 1) across the ENTIRE upstairs carpet.
  12. Broken central vac systems.
  13. Columbus invading America.
  14. Giving employment law explanations.
  15. Animaniacs 50 states 50 capitals song 50 times.
  16. Trips to the emergency room with child. Friend that just had surgery, passing out at the emergency room.
  17. Unplanned move of adult child from apartment to new mobile home.
  18. Calls to 4 doctors for 4 different people.

I know this was more than 10. But it has been a long 3 days. Holy cow. It has only been 3 days.

I need a sake bomb.

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