Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote. Otherwise You Have To Shut Up.

Public Service Announcement. At least my own spin on one.

Did you vote yet? You did? Good for you. Isn't it wonderful to live in a country where we get to vote without fear of persecution and violence?

You didn't? Go vote. Go now. You vote DOES count. How many votes did Gore lose by in the 2004 election? 537 if I remember right. If those 537+ people hadn't gone to vote. Imagine how different things might be. It may not be a presidential election. But it is for many states a gubernatorial election. It is an election for many senators and congressmen. - If you don't know where to go. No matter which party you align yourself with, just make sure you make time today to vote.

End Public Service Announcement.

1 comment:

Lanel said...

Amen! Yes, I voted, got my LANEL TAYLOR HAS VOTED proclaimed this morning.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING annoys me more than someone who complains but then admits they didn't vote. In my book, casting your ballot is your ticket to your right to complain (or agree). So, yes, vote or shut up. (Even if I agree with how you or shut up. And, honestly, even if I disagree with how you or shut up.)