Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alexander Supertramp

We watched "Into the Wild" Monday night. ever since, I keep wondering the same thing.

I wonder if Erin is in Alaska.

I asked Jim last night. He said she wasn't exactly the wilderness type. I reminded him that she loved camping and didn't mind getting dirty. He said that I was probably wrong. He's probably right.

But I can't help but wonder. Is she out there having her own adventures? Has she changed her name to Alexandra? More probably it is Destiny. She loves that name. She is going to name her first daughter that name. Maybe she took it on for herself.

There is a quote in the movie where the sister says that her parents are in a state of suspended animation. How true it is.

But I will keep wondering. Suspended animation wonder.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What is it about Selsun Blue

One page on this blog receives more hits than any other. It's the Story about Sally and the Skunk. And the most common reason it gets found? Dog and Selsun Blue. I mean, who searches for that?

My LOL for the day

first - my apologies for no 10 random things Friday. My mom was here. That's my excuse. I promise to do better this week.

This is an excerpt from an email from a friend today. I seriously laughed out loud. Hard. Hope you get a giggle out of it as well. (names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. )

I am doing okay, been a rough weekend. I was sick with stomach issues all weekend and of course by Saturday evening hubby said he was ill so he could not do anything of course this was after he went out the night before stayed out until the wee hours, worked all day on Saturday and then was two hours late to what we had planned for Saturday evening.... Boys are wimps.

Here is the difference between men and women when they are ill.

I mowed the backyard puking in between dumping bags of grass, did four loads of laundry folding and putting them away, did two loads of dishes, and made meals for the kids. Plus did two hours worth of work on the laptop.

Hubby watched TV and watched the kids. Who still managed in their father's care to dump a bag of sugar on the floor as well as a plate of ribs. Pulled out two puzzles and threw them all over the house and dumped three drawers of clothes in their bedroom. Yes, I cleaned all this up. However, In his defense he did run to the grocery store and grabbed dinner because he wanted the paper and gave the kids baths after I told him he had too. He left the room to check on something which ended up taking longer so the little one pooped in the tub so I told him happy scrubbing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The bib says it all

Lucas James - July 12th
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Rock A Bye Baby

This is the cradle that my Grandpa Jack made for me. I don't know if I was the first baby to sleep in it or if my cousin Mitch was. But pretty close to every grandchild, great granchild, and now great great grandchild in the Miller lineage has slept in this cradle. Brandon sleeps so soundly in it. And it makes me happy just to watch him there. I know my Grandpa is happy to see yet another babe in the cradle.

I love you Grandpa. And it is times like this that make me miss you all the more.
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I know when I'll quit watching the Tonight Show

NBC has taken yet another turn for the worst. Do you remember when they used to be the network to beat? When other networks fought to be as cool as NBC? Too bad so sad. Sorry to see NBC go down yet another bad programming path.

The end of good late night TV

Jay Leno will be forced into mandatory retirement in May 2009. What is NBC thinking? Replace him with Conan O'Brien? How does that man still have any show let alone promote him to the Tonight Show?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ten Random Things for a Friday

  1. I have baby BAM with me at work this afternoon. I will officially get nothing done. Kind of like it that way. Having him here, not the not working part. :)
  2. The chickens now have free reign of the entire fenced in part of the backyard. That is until we can get a new fence up at the back of the yard. The puppies are none too happy about being kicked out of their fence for the birds.
  3. I had a wonderful lunch today with the baby BAM’s mom. I wish we could do this more often.
  4. My mom is coming to visit next weekend!
  5. This weekend is Riverfest. We are going to see the Pancake man in the morning and then I am working in the beer garden tomorrow during the day. Want to come have a Coors?
  6. Thank you to a Fisher Price Kick and Play, I have “Three Blind Mice” stuck in my head. It needs to go away.
  7. Scrapfest Registration is next week! I’m bummed that they haven’t even listed the classes yet. A couple of days I hope!
  8. I spent a good part of the week planning yet another thing I really can’t afford. Why do I do this to myself? Anybody know how I can make $1500 fall out of the sky?
  9. We officially have a weed garden. The garlic and onions are pretty close to being ready. But other than those and the potato plants, the only thing that really has grown is the weeds. Too much clay. It’s sad I tell you. Just plain sad. We’ll have to truck in some good ole’ Iowa Black Dirt and some good soil amendments for next summer.
  10. I still have the plastic stick on mats from the dealership on the floor of my car. It really needs vacuumed though so I’ll have to pull them this weekend.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Play Ball!!

I want to go to a ball game. Wouldn't a cubbies game be good about now? I mean, they are winning this year and everything! I'm sure my uncle Merle is happier than a lark. (how happy are larks anyway?)

I'm closer to the KC Royals so I'll probably end up there instead. Overpriced beer, stale peanuts, sticky floors, what more can you want on a hot summer day?

The pursuit of happiness

Love this blog. Love this blog entry. Have a look.

Zen Habit's Guide to Happiness

Why you should move to the Omaha area

Because even CNN agrees that it is a top place to live! 3 omaha metro area cities are listed in the top 25. How cool is that?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Find your way home

Several people have emailed me with this website. I agree, others need to know about it. So here you go!

What a great idea! Temporary tattoos for your little one with your cell phone number. Trips to the zoo, the amusement park, or any other outing can now be a little safer. Until they allow us to GPS our kids, we have to take what we can get right?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brandon Pics from last weekend

Baby BAM and Grandpa Jim 7/6/08 (Grandpa's Birthday)
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And the winner is......

Thank you to all who actually left a comment in the blog birthday give away. I said I'd draw a winner or two on Friday. I didn't say which Friday now did I? :)

After putting a little piece of paper in a cup for every person that left a comment in the week's period....... the winners are .....


Since I didn't say you couldn't enter more than once and since Marissa stuffed the comment boxes, it was bound to happen. :)

BFTSIHBFTLFA - I have your address. I'll send stuff when I feel like it. :)
Box Stuffer - Email me with your address. carolyn at

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I haven’t had Starbucks in about 2 weeks. This is what happens when Son2 no longer requires rides to work in the morning. {{happy dance for the reclaimed 30 minutes every morning}}
  2. My friend Lance turns 40 this weekend!! Let the mud volleyball games begin!
  3. The bug killer guy tells me that the entomologist in his office says that common household spiders can’t really bite. I respectfully disagree. Because I have so many “spider bites” it is driving me insane. Apparently they are getting back at me for having bug killer guy come spray Wednesday. You see, they itch. And I look like something from a Warner Bros cartoon sitting here scratching.
  4. I get to play with Lucas this weekend. This makes me very happy!
  5. I got to watch baby BAM twice last weekend. It made for a very nice weekend.
  6. We spent too much money on fireworks over the 4th. But it was fun. It’s wild to live in a county where fireworks are legal. We drove up the hill and watched fireworks going off everywhere for more than an hour. There were so many you couldn’t tell where the “official” display was being launched from.
  7. Hubby and Son2 have taken up Remote Control Airplanes as a new hobby. They are very good at buying new parts and rebuilding the planes after crashing them.
  8. I am thinking about becoming a Big Sister. Anybody ever been one?
  9. Anybody need fresh mint? It has overtaken the flower bed on the West side of the house. I’m thinking I may make Mint Pesto. What to serve it on?
  10. I am looking to hire an intern at work. Which is just my way of saying I need a position filled but I have no cash. Anybody?

Friday, July 4, 2008

All of that for $10.97

The entire reason I haven't bought a cable for the new printer is because when I bought the printer at OfficeMaxyourcreditcardout (on clearance for $35) they told me I needed to buy the cable for it. The cable cost $40. I was on my way to CR and had zero extra cash. So the $40 cable was out of the realm of possible purchases that day. So I waited. Surely, someone I knew had to have such a cable just lying around waiting for me to snipe it. But no. No one had one. And I'll be darned if I was going to pay $40 for a printer I only paid $35 for. I was whining to my dad about it. Ok, I didn't think I was whining but he said I was and if my dad says you are whining you just go along with it. But anyway, I was telling my dad the $40 vs $35 story. He reiterated that he did not have such a cable. But he did say that he'd see if he could find one for cheaper.

He called me later from that dreaded WalHell and said, "I'm standing here next to photo looking at that cable you need. They have it here for $20." I was on my way out of town so it was pointless for me to have him pick it up. I figured I'd just keep an eye out for one elsewhere. Surely if WalHell had them for $20, someone else was bound to. So I've gone since April without a cable for my $35 awesome bought it on clearance printer.

So you see, I've looked everywhere. Everywhere. Can't find one for less than $35. And yes, I know WalHell has them for $20. And yes, I know WalHell is within walking distance of my house. But you see, I absolutely do NOT go to WalHell unless it is an absolute and dire emergency. I hate the place. I despise the place. But that's a story for another day.

Fast forward to tonight. It wasn't an emergency. But I did end up at WalHell in CB. You see, we had to go to Iowa so Jim could go to the bank. We decided to take back our Iowa return them for 5 cent cans. We went to the NF grocery that we usually return them to. Their can return area closed at 6 pm. It was now 6:05. Carp. So off to WalHell we went. We cashed in our allotted 150 cans, donated the second 150 to the store (we came in together so they wouldn't let us each return 150. It's a sad state of affairs I tell you) but anyway. After returning the cans I seriously considered going right back out the door. Did I mention I hate the place? But I figured as long as we were there, I might as well go get the cable.

It was only $10.97.

And now I have a printer that works.

And you just wasted 3 minutes of your life reading about it. Sad I tell you. Just plain sad.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Birthday announcement!!!!!

Jim's birthday is Sunday. Can you help me? He needs birthday lovin. And no, not that kind of lovin, get your head out of the gutter. I'll take care of that myself thank you very much. He needs lovin via greetings. Can you send him a birthday e-card? Me, I like Hallmark's. But mostly because I have a hoops and yoyo addiction. But you can use any e-card site you like. :) Thanks in advance.

His email is jim @ (obviously without the spaces)

10 Random Things for a Friday that is really a Thursday

  1. I have absolutely NOTHING that I HAVE to do this weekend. I don’t think I can remember the last time I said that. I mean, my house is clean. My yard needs work but that’s perpetual so that doesn’t count. We have plans on Saturday night to go out with friends. But that’s fun. And I have NOTHING that I HAVE to do. I do have work to do tonight. But not this weekend! For three whole days!
  2. I get to babysit baby BAM tomorrow night. **jumping up and down**
  3. The daylilies are in full bloom in my yard.
  4. The irises never really bloomed very well this year. Moral of the story: Don’t let the guy mowing the lawn mow back irises. They won’t bloom well the next year.
  5. One of my employees at work is going to be out for 6 weeks on FMLA. I’m freaking out. He’s the only one that does his job and I know we can’t get by without someone in his position for 6 weeks. Temp service? Lots of contract labor? I’m at a loss.
  6. We watched “I am Legend” earlier this week. I’ve dreamed about zombies every night since. One of them looked like Mr. Rogers.
  7. I Krazy Glued my croc into the strap down position. And for those that are wondering: Scotch tape will hold your croc strap together for a week if you only wear them for about 24 hours of that time. :) (tee hee hee, I said croc strap)
  8. Jim’s best friend’s girlfriend emailed me today with their new address and phone number. He didn’t even mention they were moving and Jim has talked to him almost every day this week. Odd.
  9. Las Vegas Season 1 is the next DVD on my Blockbuster online list.
  10. I have 3 printers at my house and not a single one of them will print right now. I lost the power cord to one when we moved, I need to buy a USB to USB 2 cord for the new one, and the REALLY old one I can’t find ink for. Guess there will be no printing of anything in the near future.

And there you have it kids. 10 Random Things for a Friday for July 3rd. Wait. Today's only Thursday. Carp. Um. Well. Oh Carp. I can't call it 10 Random things for a Thursday can I? Carp. Ok that's what will do. No rules here right?

title edited to say: 10 Random Things for a Friday that is really a Thursday.

There, that'll do it. Catch you on the flip side!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


maybe not exactly an oxymoron but something pretty close to that.

On a McDonald's cup - We're as picky about what we buy as you are.

If I was really being picky about breakfast this morning would I really have been in the McDonald's drive thru?

My egg mcmuffin minus Can Bacn would beg to differ. I quickly remembered why I don't go there anymore. They do still have the best fountain Diet Coke though. :)