Friday, July 11, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I haven’t had Starbucks in about 2 weeks. This is what happens when Son2 no longer requires rides to work in the morning. {{happy dance for the reclaimed 30 minutes every morning}}
  2. My friend Lance turns 40 this weekend!! Let the mud volleyball games begin!
  3. The bug killer guy tells me that the entomologist in his office says that common household spiders can’t really bite. I respectfully disagree. Because I have so many “spider bites” it is driving me insane. Apparently they are getting back at me for having bug killer guy come spray Wednesday. You see, they itch. And I look like something from a Warner Bros cartoon sitting here scratching.
  4. I get to play with Lucas this weekend. This makes me very happy!
  5. I got to watch baby BAM twice last weekend. It made for a very nice weekend.
  6. We spent too much money on fireworks over the 4th. But it was fun. It’s wild to live in a county where fireworks are legal. We drove up the hill and watched fireworks going off everywhere for more than an hour. There were so many you couldn’t tell where the “official” display was being launched from.
  7. Hubby and Son2 have taken up Remote Control Airplanes as a new hobby. They are very good at buying new parts and rebuilding the planes after crashing them.
  8. I am thinking about becoming a Big Sister. Anybody ever been one?
  9. Anybody need fresh mint? It has overtaken the flower bed on the West side of the house. I’m thinking I may make Mint Pesto. What to serve it on?
  10. I am looking to hire an intern at work. Which is just my way of saying I need a position filled but I have no cash. Anybody?

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