Thursday, July 3, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday that is really a Thursday

  1. I have absolutely NOTHING that I HAVE to do this weekend. I don’t think I can remember the last time I said that. I mean, my house is clean. My yard needs work but that’s perpetual so that doesn’t count. We have plans on Saturday night to go out with friends. But that’s fun. And I have NOTHING that I HAVE to do. I do have work to do tonight. But not this weekend! For three whole days!
  2. I get to babysit baby BAM tomorrow night. **jumping up and down**
  3. The daylilies are in full bloom in my yard.
  4. The irises never really bloomed very well this year. Moral of the story: Don’t let the guy mowing the lawn mow back irises. They won’t bloom well the next year.
  5. One of my employees at work is going to be out for 6 weeks on FMLA. I’m freaking out. He’s the only one that does his job and I know we can’t get by without someone in his position for 6 weeks. Temp service? Lots of contract labor? I’m at a loss.
  6. We watched “I am Legend” earlier this week. I’ve dreamed about zombies every night since. One of them looked like Mr. Rogers.
  7. I Krazy Glued my croc into the strap down position. And for those that are wondering: Scotch tape will hold your croc strap together for a week if you only wear them for about 24 hours of that time. :) (tee hee hee, I said croc strap)
  8. Jim’s best friend’s girlfriend emailed me today with their new address and phone number. He didn’t even mention they were moving and Jim has talked to him almost every day this week. Odd.
  9. Las Vegas Season 1 is the next DVD on my Blockbuster online list.
  10. I have 3 printers at my house and not a single one of them will print right now. I lost the power cord to one when we moved, I need to buy a USB to USB 2 cord for the new one, and the REALLY old one I can’t find ink for. Guess there will be no printing of anything in the near future.

And there you have it kids. 10 Random Things for a Friday for July 3rd. Wait. Today's only Thursday. Carp. Um. Well. Oh Carp. I can't call it 10 Random things for a Thursday can I? Carp. Ok that's what will do. No rules here right?

title edited to say: 10 Random Things for a Friday that is really a Thursday.

There, that'll do it. Catch you on the flip side!

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