Friday, July 18, 2008

Ten Random Things for a Friday

  1. I have baby BAM with me at work this afternoon. I will officially get nothing done. Kind of like it that way. Having him here, not the not working part. :)
  2. The chickens now have free reign of the entire fenced in part of the backyard. That is until we can get a new fence up at the back of the yard. The puppies are none too happy about being kicked out of their fence for the birds.
  3. I had a wonderful lunch today with the baby BAM’s mom. I wish we could do this more often.
  4. My mom is coming to visit next weekend!
  5. This weekend is Riverfest. We are going to see the Pancake man in the morning and then I am working in the beer garden tomorrow during the day. Want to come have a Coors?
  6. Thank you to a Fisher Price Kick and Play, I have “Three Blind Mice” stuck in my head. It needs to go away.
  7. Scrapfest Registration is next week! I’m bummed that they haven’t even listed the classes yet. A couple of days I hope!
  8. I spent a good part of the week planning yet another thing I really can’t afford. Why do I do this to myself? Anybody know how I can make $1500 fall out of the sky?
  9. We officially have a weed garden. The garlic and onions are pretty close to being ready. But other than those and the potato plants, the only thing that really has grown is the weeds. Too much clay. It’s sad I tell you. Just plain sad. We’ll have to truck in some good ole’ Iowa Black Dirt and some good soil amendments for next summer.
  10. I still have the plastic stick on mats from the dealership on the floor of my car. It really needs vacuumed though so I’ll have to pull them this weekend.

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Harmony said...

Scrapfest sounds like fun!!