Friday, July 4, 2008

All of that for $10.97

The entire reason I haven't bought a cable for the new printer is because when I bought the printer at OfficeMaxyourcreditcardout (on clearance for $35) they told me I needed to buy the cable for it. The cable cost $40. I was on my way to CR and had zero extra cash. So the $40 cable was out of the realm of possible purchases that day. So I waited. Surely, someone I knew had to have such a cable just lying around waiting for me to snipe it. But no. No one had one. And I'll be darned if I was going to pay $40 for a printer I only paid $35 for. I was whining to my dad about it. Ok, I didn't think I was whining but he said I was and if my dad says you are whining you just go along with it. But anyway, I was telling my dad the $40 vs $35 story. He reiterated that he did not have such a cable. But he did say that he'd see if he could find one for cheaper.

He called me later from that dreaded WalHell and said, "I'm standing here next to photo looking at that cable you need. They have it here for $20." I was on my way out of town so it was pointless for me to have him pick it up. I figured I'd just keep an eye out for one elsewhere. Surely if WalHell had them for $20, someone else was bound to. So I've gone since April without a cable for my $35 awesome bought it on clearance printer.

So you see, I've looked everywhere. Everywhere. Can't find one for less than $35. And yes, I know WalHell has them for $20. And yes, I know WalHell is within walking distance of my house. But you see, I absolutely do NOT go to WalHell unless it is an absolute and dire emergency. I hate the place. I despise the place. But that's a story for another day.

Fast forward to tonight. It wasn't an emergency. But I did end up at WalHell in CB. You see, we had to go to Iowa so Jim could go to the bank. We decided to take back our Iowa return them for 5 cent cans. We went to the NF grocery that we usually return them to. Their can return area closed at 6 pm. It was now 6:05. Carp. So off to WalHell we went. We cashed in our allotted 150 cans, donated the second 150 to the store (we came in together so they wouldn't let us each return 150. It's a sad state of affairs I tell you) but anyway. After returning the cans I seriously considered going right back out the door. Did I mention I hate the place? But I figured as long as we were there, I might as well go get the cable.

It was only $10.97.

And now I have a printer that works.

And you just wasted 3 minutes of your life reading about it. Sad I tell you. Just plain sad.

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Harmony said...

Yay for a working printer!!