Thursday, October 11, 2007

Selsun Blue

Selsun Blue, Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Tomato Juice, Strawberry Suave, the smell of burning rubber, a plugged bathtub, soaking wet floors. Do you know what these all have in common? They are all in part responsible for why I was up until 2 am.

Went to go get Eric last night from work. En route, Jim calls my cell. He tells me what he called for and then adds, "the neighbors must be burning because all you can smell outside is burning rubber." I thought nothing of it. The neighbors up the hill burn all kinds of things that shouldn't be burned. But why they were burning at 9 pm made no sense. But then again, these are the same people that were mowing at 3 am this summer. Why would burning rubber surprise me? I came home from picking up Eric and as soon as we walked onto the enclosed porch it was like hitting a wall. The odor was enough to knock you down and probably out. The house smelled no better. I was ready to cry.

So I set out on a mission to find what smelled. Because it didn't smell like it outside so the smell had to be coming from inside. Went through the whole house trying to find the origination of the smell. It was definitely in the kitchen. Went through everything in the kitchen that could possibly give off this incredibly assaulting odor. None of the standard culprits were found.

Jim SWORE that the smell was outside and now while it had dissipated outside it was just kind of "stuck" inside. If I would just sit down and wait it would dissipate in the house as well. So I sat down to watch last Sunday's Brothers and Sisters online. The smell was worse. OK, that was just in my head, it really couldn't be getting worse. So then it went away a little. Then worse again. Nausea is starting to come into play. I have already opened all of the windows and turned on the fans. It's freezing in the house now. I exaggerate. It's about 47 degrees outside. The house is probably in the 60s. so now I am cold, nauseous, and annoyed.

The smell got worse again. Amber agreed. Jim said we are both nuts. So I went on the search for the smell again. Found nothing. But the living room seems to be the worst now not the kitchen. Huh. Sit back down to watch the show.

Jim complained that the smell was giving him a headache and heads to bed. I'm still trying to watch the show and am not much past the first chapter. The smell gets worse again. I give up! I walk through the living room very methodically. And then I realize the source.

OK, to be fair to the Tomato Juice, et al, it wasn't really their fault that I was up until 2 am. It was the Sally's. The dog. OK, maybe not the dog's fault. Let's blame the skunk instead.

Yes, we apparently have skunks on or near our property. Guess how I know? Oh yes my friends you have guessed well. Sally - 0, Skunk - 1. My poor smelly house is the biggest loser. Because the skunky smell is now in every room Sally was in.

So into the shower we go. Start with shampoo. That didn't work. I then remember the Brady Bunch episode where Tiger gets a bath in Tomato juice. I have a 32 oz can of tomato juice in the cupboard. Funny thing is, no one in my house drinks tomato juice and I can't remember why I even bought it in the first place. Whatever recipe I never made has now come in VERY handy.

The juice didn't work very well on its own so I tried to add baking soda. It kills smells, right? SO now my dumb skunk loving dog is covered in tomato juice and baking soda paste. I decided to let it sit on her for a while while I looked up skunk cures on the Internet. Eric came in the bathroom to talk to her while I googled "how to remove skunk from a dumb dog". It was about his time that I heard Sally shake. Now my poor shower is covered in what looks like something from a horror movie.

So apparently hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap is the preferred method. Selsun Blue is rumored to work as well. Guess what I don't have in the house? Off to the dreaded W. I hate that place but at least they are open at midnight.

Back from my dreaded W visit, I find Sally in the shower whining and standing still. The bottom of the tub still filled with what looks like tomato soup. Apparently the drain is plugged from all of the dog hair and the poor dog who is afraid to sit in water is stuck standing up the whole time I was shopping. Poor Sally.

The peroxide and soda mixture worked for all but her face. But she kept trying to shake it off. So now I'm covered in soda mix. Onto cleaning her face, Selsun Blue seemed to work for that. But my sleep deprived self bought the menthol version. Menthol and eyes. Not so great a match.

Poor Dog.

Everyone else swears it didn't smell like it this morning but I know it still does. I can SMELL it. :(

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Lanel said...

Poor Sally. :( Glad you were able to track down the odious odor. LOL