Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Irritating things that really mean nothing

  1. Sending a business type email in Comic Sans type. Bradley Hand ITC is just about as bad. I mean if it isn't something cut and dry like Times Roman or Courier or Arial, etc. is really professional?
  2. People that use something that I wrote and then claim it as their own.
  3. Using my missing daughter's face/story/poster to promote a fundraiser without my permission.
  4. When someone answers the phone and then gets mad because it they can't talk on the phone right now. Then WHY THE H&** did you answer the phone? (yes. I know. I complained about this not too long ago. Someone did it to me again today.)
  5. Having to sit for more than 15-20 minutes after our scheduled appointment time and I'm still sitting in the lobby. If you can't get to someone, why don't you reschedule the appointment? Or let me know when I got there that you are running behind by 30 minutes or more and then give me the option to reschedule.
  6. Driving 30 minutes away to a Dr Appt for the Babe to get her school immunizations and waiting more than an hour after our appointment being in there for 5 minutes and having them tell the Babe she doesn't need another shot until 7th grade even though she will need a flu shot in a month or so and then going home and then having them call 2 days later to tell you that they missed a shot and I have to go back. Now who is going to tell the Babe that she has to go get another shot? And then another one in a month? Not me. I did though. She cried all the way to the clinic.
  7. Someone that points that my little world is not just about me. I mean, why burst my bubble. Even though it did need burst.
  8. Having a song that I really like used by a commercial. Great. Now I'll always associate it with that product. Oh well.
  9. Single ply toilet paper.
  10. People that don't understand the concept of a budget.
  11. Not being able to afford everything I want on Etsy.
  12. Cool cars driven by cocky drivers/owners that don't deserve such a cool car.
  13. The fact that I can't safely go to Jamaica and live like the locals do.
  14. Not owning the bar on the beach. We'll talk about that later.
  15. What do you call goat in Jamaican? Goat.
  16. Running out of fresh spinach.
  17. People on the food channel that describe food and it really just sounds gross. Take Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives for example.
  18. Head Cheese. Need I say more?
  19. Tripe. um... yeah. "once you get over the idea?"? yeah, right.
  20. That Alejandro song from Lady Gaga.
  21. Knowing that I can't pull something off in a reasonable amount of time.
  22. Procrastination. I am the Queen.
  23. Trying to decide whether or not to let a bottle of wine age vs. drinking it today.
  24. Do ChiChi's restaurants still exist?
  25. That Teleportation hasn't been invented yet.
  26. I owe more on my house than I could probably sell it for.
  27. Ditto that but substitute "car" for "house."
  28. the idea that fun size Mars candy bars have shrunk. Do they really still qualify as Fun Size?

  29. Blogger won't quit numbering these. I'll just sign off now and say that I'll pick up later. I found this in the saved drafts anyway. I should have posted it in August. But I didn't. So now you get it today. And now it just seems like I've complained back to back. But you get the idea.

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Lanel said...

I have to agree with all of those except your title....those do mean something. :)

I actually have a friend who has an attorney on retainer for #2 and she uses him regularly.

So glad I'm not the only one who finds some of the food network descriptions gross. I think I gagged once or twice.