Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Suzy over at itwalkedonmypillow wrote the truth about the weekend today. It about sums it up.
  2. My friend Matt is going to Buzzfest XXV in Houston. I am WAYY past jealous. Not so much as to the bands that are going to be there but more because of the atmosphere that I know these all day concert extravaganzas bring with them. Have you ever been to one? An all day concert thing? I am now so missing Lalapalooza.
  3. People that have an opportunity to do something, don't do it, and then whine later about not having/doing something that they JUST turned down the opportunity for, really tick me off. Did that sentence make sense to anyone but me?
  4. I need sushi and sake bombs. Don't want. Need.
  5. I need rich and generous friends that also like sushi and sake bombs and want to take me out for a lunch/happy hour/dinner.
  6. We have had a chicken massacre this week. There are feathers everywhere. We are down to 3 hens, a wounded hen, and a baby that we now think is a rooster. Not sure if it can ALL be attributed to raccoons, but that's all we've caught so far and we are quickly reinforcing the chicken coop. It's sad.
  7. I used up all of my minutes on Pandora again. I love Pandora.
  8. Bored Panda made me laugh several times this week. Made me in awe of great minds and severe talent that people possess. I'm glad a friend sent me the link. Check out the Lego sculpture one!
  9. The sheer quantity of candy that is available this time of the year is mindblowing. Insane. And yes. I have had a few baby size snickers. And a candy corn Kiss or two. :) Not too many though. Sugar is not at the top of my list lately.
  10. I wrote a post it note and put it on my wallet that says "Take $5". I have no idea what it was supposed to remind me to do and when or where I am supposed to take the $5. huh.
Here is wishing you a weekend of peace and quiet and fall colors and pumpkins and hay rack rides. I love this time of year. Enjoy a piece of it yourself. :)

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Lanel said...

I'm not rich, but I'm generous...I'll take you to sushi and you can have all the sake bombs you want on me...I'll even give you a bed to sleep just have to come here.

I love Pandora too...after the first week of January when I had already used up all my minutes I gave up and paid for the premium membership...$32 a year was completely WORTH it. But, if you don't want to do that you can try switching between Pandora and Slacker to get through the month for free.