Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

Happy Friday!
  1. Last Sunday I cooked all day in preparation for a friend's upcoming surgery. Over the course of 9 hours we shopped and prepped and cooked and packaged. When I was done we had put up 14 meals for her family. She has a family of 10. So for a normal family it would be a month's worth of meals. Most of the meals will just go in the crockpot. Easily done by the 14 year old. It was awesome.
  2. The whole dead chicken thing has caused a kind of somber thing around the house.
  3. I took today off. Hubby had the day off and I haven't spent the day with him in more than 2 weeks. So I took the day off too. So far we've buried chickens, done two loads of laundry, cleaned up the yard a little, attended a preschool costume parade and cookie making party, eaten lunch at the cafe that doesn't serve breakfast after 11:00 (what kind of a cafe does that?), and Hubby has taken a nap while I worked on some real work stuff, and watched 2 episodes of "That 70's Show".
  4. I have an insane knot in my right shoulder. still.
  5. We broke down at work yesterday and scraped up enough change and 1 dollar bills and we bought sushi for lunch. It was medicinal sushi so it's OK.
  6. We have zero Halloween candy in our house. I have mixed feelings about that.
  7. There are 3 magazines sitting on the table that I haven't even opened.
  8. How does all of that garbage end up under the deck?
  9. We are having stroganoff for dinner. Hubby has been asking for it for a while. This is the first night we've all been in one place for dinner in I don't know how long.
  10. Great Pregnant One Update: Baby is weighing in at 4 1/2 lbs. She is 30 weeks but measuring at 32. All organs are good. Kidneys are working. He is breathing in the amnio fluid. It's looking good. She's still on bed rest but she's got a few less restrictions. A few more weeks and she's in the clear.
Big fall weekend plans on this end. I have a ton of things to finish on the "before the end of October" list. How 'bout you? What do you have planned?

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