Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From the Mouth of the Babe

Sunday night at Panera. The Babe and I were having black bean soup, tea and a cobblestone pastry. And having "nice conversations." Because you see that is what you do at Panera. You "have coffee and tea and yummy things and sit in chairs and have nice conversations." We do this about once a month. Preferably on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when it is quiet and no one cares that I brought a 3 year old to Panera. But anyway...

From the mouth of the Babe:

"Orange cows are my favorite."

"Where do you find those?" I ask.

"On the Idea Planet, Mom."

" How do you get to the Idea Planet?"

" You get there by climbing a rope and then ride the lawnmower and turn at the light and then make the bed. You have to eat broccoli and cake and peanut butter there. It's pretty good."

I love sitting in chairs and drinking tea at Panera.


BigPerm said...

She seems sweet, and smart!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Lanel said...

Ask the Babe if I can hitch a ride with her to the idea planet. Although my favorite are oreo cows.

I love conversation spots. My niece and I go to Applebees for "cheese french fries" (aka mozzarella sticks) just so we can talk. I almost fell off my chair the first time she said "Auntie, let's talk" when she was about 3. :)