Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taxes Suck But You Can Get Free Stuff

Did you know you can get FREE stuff on tax day. Which for those of you living under a rock (or not in the US) is tomorrow.

Tomorrow means a few things in my life:
  • All of my tax clients except for one are done. That one needs to call me before tomorrow to get an extension filed. LV if you are reading this, CALL ME!
  • I now have to find a new source of income seeing as how I don't have any more tax clients that need to pay me. Oh yeah. Except for that one.
  • It is my niece Jonalee's birthday.
  • I will get to mail in my taxes. Which I could have done weeks ago, but what is the fun in that?
  • I have a $17 refund from the IRS. They'll keep it. But I'll be $17 closer to paying off the millions that I owe.
  • I have a $438 refund from the State Dept of Revenue. They'll keep it. But I'll be nearly paid off with them.
  • I am going to go get my FREE COFFEE from Starbucks
What FREE STUFF are you going to go get?

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