Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Honor of Counter # 9028

I'm pretty sure it is a mistake. But the counter says there have 9028 views of this here blog. Like I said. Pretty sure that number is off somehow. But in honor of the 9028th visitor, I'd like to have a giveaway.

So leave a comment. I'd like to hear how you got here in the first place. I've always wondered. And why on God's green earth do you keep coming back? Not that I mind or anything. I just wonder why anybody in their right mind wants to listen to me ramble.

Prizes to be random. And they'll probably come off my porch. Which could actually work out well for you. Because there is a lot of Partylite crap out there. And some Pampered Chef. And I think there is some Tastefully Simple in the cupboard. And I'm sure I have a dust bunny or two laying around. wow. The shipping on this could get pretty costly. might have to find some lighter stuff.

Comment away my pretties! And your little dog too. Unless of course you have a cat. I suppose they could leave one too.


Sharon said...

Why do I read your blog...hmm...I guess because it let's me see what's inside your head, and what is trapped in there is more funny than just about anything I've read or watched elsewhere....besides, you are a super cool person, and I love to learn what you are up too!

Carolyn said...

you don't count Sharon. You have issues. And you know me IRL and are subject to pop quizzes. So this is actually required reading.

Schmidty said...

Well, Carolyn, I'll attempt an answer. First I'd like to say that I bet your blog counter is right. :)

The way I found you was's 2:20 am here and I am alone, just me and my laptop, and I've been browsing some cookware sites, just to see what I might see ....sorta wishing for this and that, and at some point I did a search for Pampered Chef and was linked to someone holding a giveaway for some, so ....I searched for 'pampered chef giveaway' ...and poof! here I am!

Now I don't know how everyone else who're total strangers end up finding you, but - speaking for me - I enjoy reading about other peoples' lives (yes, even total strangers ...maybe it makes me feel more normal at times ... after all, we all have these odd things about us (I raised a baby squirrel from about two weeks old and he is like a child to me, even though I let him loose in the big old oak tree in the back yard when he was old enough, he still sits out there and waits for me everyday and there are days when I know I will get no greeting from a human that is as exuberant and excited and happy as the greeting I get from my darling squirrel) where was I?

Yes. We all have our things and we like to feel connected. Your blog -- yur writing -- is so neat to read, you just lay it out there. Makes me smile. I like the 'contents of my purse' post. Haha! I can relate! (I don't like that word 'meme' either.) And I like that bought your wallet in both yellow and green. Sounds like something I (and a ton of other women) would do! You validate our normal-ness, all us strangers reading your words about your thoughts and your life.

I'll quit rambling now (see? ...I am good at this too! LOL!) and leave you by saying it was nice to get a peek into your world, and I wonder what's on your porch ...and if you sit out there with your three year old and peel oranges when it rains.

Oh ...and I think your sanity is perfectly intact. :)

Mistry said...

Because you are my best friend that lives far away!!! How else can we stay in touch!!! AND - you made ME get a blog, so I have to read yours b/c you have to read MINE.

And I'll take ALL the homespun memories and/or Green Apple Partylite that you have. :p

Lanel said...

Not sure how I found probably told me about it, but I keep coming back because it's the only way I can find out what's going on in your life since I never talk to you otherwise. :(