Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Did I Mention I Was Sick? Probably TMI

Yesterday made day 8 of the sickness. This is the stomach sickness. Not to be confused with the sickness that wasn't strep but sure felt like it (from 3 or 4 weeks ago) and not to be confused with the sinus infection sickness that the Dr said was causing the my coughing sickness that drove my office mates to make me go to said Dr. We should probably thank said Dr though because he gave me antibiotics that only cost $4.35. And THAT is the cheapest I've ever walked away from the Target Pharmacy. And the cough is getting better. So he was probably right. Even though my nose never ran and my throat never hurt.

Ok, now what was I talking about? Oh yeah. The stomach sickness. I've had it for 8 days. Almost everything (short of peanut butter crackers and Gatorade) almost everything that I ate was coming back up about 15 minutes later and I walked around nauseous most of the time. That stomach sickness. Well, Sunday I kept down mashed potatoes and cauliflower and yesterday afternoon I kept down a tuna sandwich from Subway. So I decided to try sushi today. Big jump. Yeah, I know. But it was good. so there. And it has stayed down. And it was good. And now I want more sushi. But that's usually true. Did I mention that I NEVER get sick?

And the point to all of this? Yeah. The point. 8 days of the sickness. And I only lost a pound. A lousy pound.

So what was the point of that?


Mahala said...

You couldn't keep things down and you ate SUSHI??? *shiver* Glad you're feeling better.. but SUSHI??

Carolyn said...

I didn't say it was a GOOD idea. But it is the truth none the less. lol

The Queen of Chaos said...

Sushi makes me feel better too. I would have been there right w/ ya.