Friday, April 2, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. My phone is an LG Voyager. It has a what I thought would be cool 2.0 Meg camera that is intended to take pictures and videos. POINTLESS! the pictures are dark. the videos are impossibly dark. tried to film the dogs and their "fighting" the other night. All you can see is the occasional blur of white as Rox goes flying across the room. The ONE feature on the phone I'd really like to have work and it is pointless.
  2. Even though I don't eat meat, I am pretty damn good at preparing it. Case in point: the chuck eye steak on Tuesday night. Finally found "the right" marinade for the Hubby. Only took like 102 tries. Me? I'll stick with the roasted veggies. Which by the way, I am obsessed with lately. Roasted potatoes, roasted carrots, roasted broccoli, roasted cauliflower, you name it I'll try and roast it. And so far none have failed. Can't wait to go get the 1.99 a bunch asparagus at HyVee this weekend.
  3. Elvis is moving this week. They got a new house and are moving out of the month to month rental that hasn't been updated since the 70's. No more living out of boxes. YEAH for them!
  4. I need more "in real life" friends that live in town. This town. Not the one I used to live in. Not that I don't love the ones I have now. I just think they are getting sick of me. Poor things. But then again... I am a blast to be around. They should count themselves lucky!
  5. The Babe went to bed reasonably well about 1/2 of the week. Which is much better than the last month so I will NOT complain. Still open to ideas from anyone that has them. How do you get a 3 1/2 year old to stay in bed with anything short of duct tape?
  6. LOVING the warm weather. But apparently it is going to rain this weekend. figures.
  7. I need to go to the dentist. It's been nearly 2 years. And I'm pretty sure there is a small cavity in the crater in one of the molars on the left side of my jaw. But this all requires cash. Maybe I should have taken on an extra tax client or two after all.
  8. I think the fan may be going out in my laptop. It's running much hotter than usual and earlier it shut itself off after it got too warm. Glad it has that feature.
  9. I have no clue what we are doing on Sunday for Easter. Well, we'll have the annual "find what the Easter Bunny hid in the back yard" adventure. Beyond that I haven't a clue.
  10. Baseball season starts on Sunday! Ok. I admit. I really don't care about that. But it's been on the news so much today I felt like it was an obligatory comment.
I'll try and check in before the easter bunny ear eating frenzy. Kisses!


Krista said...

RE #8 - use canned air to blow out the air vents on your laptop. Over time they can get dusty and reduce the effectiveness of the fan. It worked like a dream on my laptop!

Sharon said...

HEY! I resent #4. BIG FROWNIE FACE!!!!! Come over and play whenever, I will get better wine!!!! :O)