Friday, July 24, 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Today is my friend Carrie's 40th birthday. She is now really old. ;)
  2. Lucas is coming to visit in a few weeks. :) I'm all shades of excited and looking forward to having him and his parents here. :D
  3. My friend Wendy bailed on me for lunch today. Dave the lawn dude took me out for Chinese/sushi as a consolation prize. He wins the friend award for the day.
  4. I hate when I have to evict people. I wish they would just follow the rules.
  5. One of the people I am in the process of evicting brought me in a cucumber from her garden this morning. If I eat it is it like taking a bribe?
  6. We are getting about a dozen eggs a day from the chickens because the babies started laying. Anybody need eggs? $4 a dozen. Speak up now!
  7. This the USDA report on carrot production in the US. It blows me away that people need to know this stuff! Even funnier that I got this from a listserve today that has nothing to do with agriculture.
  8. I am in love with a big blue frog. A big blue frog loves me.
  9. If I won 100 million dollars in the lottery I'd have a really cool give away on this here blog. I was going to play the lottery numbers on the back of my fortune cookie. Then it occurred to me that I didn't know which lottery the numbers are for. For all I know it is the New Jersey lottery or something. But I know that I have numerous states represented as readers on here so let's try this. Go play these numbers 8 23 30 34 40. I'll cover Nebraska, Iowa, and powerball. If you win you have to send me a finder's fee so I can have a really cool giveaway on this here blog.
  10. Anybody know a good way to keep shoes on a little one? BAM refuses to wear them and keeps taking them off. I am at a loss.

Happy last weekend of July! Where is the summer going?

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Sharon said...

Love the wedding march, told the kids they should do that at their wedding, I wouldn't cry as hard then!! :) I miss you and sushi, we need to get together...SOON! Let me know how that lottery thing turns out for you! :)