Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Front Porch

The other night I stood on the front porch and looked at it. This is one of the reasons I fell in love with our house 2 years ago. It was this porch and the cool yellow chair the previous owners left behind. I used to love my porch. I saw huge potential for it. Green plants. A sitting area. A place for the grandkids we didn't have yet to play on cooler days.

The porch is the first thing you see when you want to come into my house. The screen door sticks now. We've kind of fixed it but we really should replace it. Sally tore the screen out one day when she let herself out of the back door and then couldn't get back in. And then it started to rain. So she forced herself in the porch door.

So you come in through the screen door that sticks and you find yourself looking at the stuff on the once clean porch. The porch has now become the catch all. I swore that no box would come into the house unless it was put away right away. So several boxes with stuff that never found homes are still sitting on the porch. And other stuff has joined it. Stuff like bulk purchases of diapers, the roll top desk that didn't fit into the 2nd bedroom very well, all of the Partylite stuff that came with the double size kit from when I thought I was going to start selling Partylite again, the baby swing that is waiting for the next grandbaby that will want to swing in it, and everything else that has found it's way there for whatever reason. But where is all of this stuff supposed to go?

It's sad.

I need to reclaim my porch. And then put a cute comfy yellow chair on it. And some green plants. and a toy box for the little ones.

Anybody want to come help?


Anonymous said...

if you come help me reclaim my place, i'll help you reclaim yours. sound good??

Harmony said...

You can do it!! I haven't claimed my office since I moved in Sept 2004 :hide:

Mistry said...

You come help me start my 'carp' on EBAY, I'll come help you.

~ Misty

Lanel said...

I'll help you reclaim your perfect porch. You don't even need to help me with anything. Just make sure there's a second comfy chair (any color will do) so we can sit, talk, and have a cold glass of something when we're done.

Maybe then we can stamp or something too.

Yeah, I'll come help you reclaim your porch.

Dave said...

I'd love to come and help out. We love porches so much we created a web site about them. Would love for you to send us a pic and we'll feature it on our site!