Thursday, September 23, 2010

500 posts of Random Things

Dear Friends,

This is my 500th post. I apparently have a lot of carp to say. Or in reality I just ramble about nothing quite often.

So, I've been thinking all week about what my 500th post was going to be about. I was going to wait until tomorrow and make it a "10 Random things for a Friday" post. Those have become my favorite posts. Not much thought involved. But usually sums up the week and the nothing that is going through my head really fast. But when it was all said and done, I thought it best to pay homage to my favorite posts. The ones that when I think about this here blog, stand out as the most therapeutic things. The ones that made me smile. The ones that made me cry. The ones where I was crying while I wrote them. The ones that are the real reasons why I write. The ones that help me "get it out".

So here we go. 10 Random Things That Aren't So Random. And they are in no particular order. I tried to order them. They wouldn't listen. And I couldn't decide on my own. So I called the Pusher. She didn't have an idea for an order either. So I gave up. The order makes no sense. Don't count it for anything. But enjoy the walk down memory lane. Which is good. Because God knows what I'll remember down the road.

  1. The Sally vs the Skunk post. Selsun Blue and the Smelly dog are the most common reason people end up here. And it was the perfect way to deflate after I was REALLY pissed off at dealing for hours with the smelly dog and bad Brady Bunch advice.
  2. The Pusher and Sushi. Two of my most favorite things about Omaha. God love her. :)
  3. The first 10 Random Things for a Friday post. They really are my favorite.
  4. My NOT conversation with the Pusher. It pretty much sums up talking to myself all of the time. LOL
  5. The day I announced that we were adopting the Babe. One of THE best days of my life.
  6. January 31, 2008. The day I became a grandma. I love being a grandma.
  7. April 24, 2008. The day that I became a grandma for the 2nd time. These babies have changed our lives in ways I never knew possible.
  8. The first post I migrated over from my MySpace blog. I wrote it there and later moved it here. My mom wanted my rambling somewhere where she could read them without having to sign up for the chaos that is MySpace. I wrote it the day my grandma Rachel died. Right up there as one of the most whirlwind of emotions days of my life. Amber's graduation party. My eldest niece's first birthday. A beautiful day of celebration. And evening of extreme sadness.
  9. The day after my grandpa died. At first I had no words. Then I couldn't get them all out.
  10. The reason I started this blog in the first place. I was losing my mind. I didn't think I could take any more. But it's Erin. I had to get it out. I needed to find some semblance of sanity. Still haven't found it but I keep on trying. This is probably THE most honest post I've ever written. I've thought about taking it down a few times. But it's still here.
  11. Hope. They found Shawn Hornbeck. We can find Erin too, right.
OK. well that was 11. It's Pusher's fault. She can't count.

Love you all. And thanks for sticking around. Unless of course you have bailed. And then you won't be reading this anyway.

Post a comment. I still have lots of crap on my porch to get rid of. We'll do a drawing at the end of the weekend. And I'll send you some.

Love you all! You are my sanity. Thanks for putting up with me. **big slobbery kisses**

--- Carolyn

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The Pusher said...

ten-eleven, it's all the same. I love them all. And you. And of course sushi. We need to get together and wine SOON! :)