Friday, February 15, 2008

10 random things for a Friday

1 - I really am craving Volcano Rolls from kona. And Sake bombs.
2 - I want to go see my best friend that lives far away. It's been too long. Besides, it's warmer there.
3 - It's been 11 days since I've seen Lucas. It'll be 8 more before I do. This is ridiculous.
4 - My knee hurts from where I skinned it when I slipped on the sand while walking the day before yesterday.
5 - I am drinking Mango Ceylon Tea (Republic of Tea). This is my 4th cup.
6 - I have 221 coke rewards points. Considering I donated most of my points for Toys for Tots last fall, that's a pretty ridiculous amount of Diet Coke.
7 - I have to work this weekend. It's a 3 day weekend. This sucks.
8 - I cooked dead cow for my husband and Son2 for Valentine's Day dinner. I used Pioneer Woman's Recipe. They liked it. Not so much so the spinach and mushroom side dish. But that's my fault. Not Pioneer Woman's. She said nothing about spinach.
9 - I got paid today and according to "the budget" I have no fun money. This sucks twice.
10 - I want sushi. Lots of it. And Sake bombs. Don't forget the sake bombs.

1 comment:

Misty said...

I miss you too! Kona Grill, mashed potatoes, and Sake Bombs. Heaven. *ROFL*

Perhaps we should meet in KC soon? We could maybe impose on Sara or Joey for a place to stay?

OR - we could always call Belinda...ROFLMAOPMP....JUST KIDDING - I couldn't resist.

Perhaps so you can work on my TAXES???????