Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To Do List

I love Boston Legal. Have I told you that before? I look forward to Tuesday nights at 9:00. I consistently laugh. I laugh hard. I've been known to laugh so hard I cry. It's that good. Do you watch it?

One of my favorite times in the show is at the end when Denny and Alan sit on the balcony and have their little review of the day/week. There are always these little "make you think" comments. It's a great way to end the show. Did I mention I love this show? Tonight was no exception.

"there are many things in life that are paramount. But being there for a friend in pain..."
"Lovers come and go but friends...Not everybody has somebody like us."
"the thing about life. you have always have to keep something on the to do list"

Anybody else a Boston Legal fan? Show of hands

And what's on your to do list?

Strike or not. I love these writers. And hey, did you hear? The Writer's Guild accepted the contract today and go back to work tomorrow. {{jumping up and down}} We'll get good TV sometime in the next month or so. As shallow it is, I'm glad for it. I don't think I can handle another mid season "what will we do now" show get picked up that was thrown out before. They should have left most of them in the trash.

Sicky watch --- I'm feeling better. My voice is still shot, the croupy cough is still hanging around, and I'm tired as heck but a week later and I'm feeling mostly better. Eric is past the worst of it. generic Dayquil and lots of liquids seem to be pushing it through him faster. his voice is about an octave lower though. It's kind of cute. :) Jim on the other hand. He's still icky. He's slept since he got home from work. He has a low grade fever, poor guy. But he went to work today. That's more than I did at this time last week. Gotta give him his props for that. Well isn't that more than you really wanted to know. :)

I had about a dozen more things I was going to talk about today but I'll be darned if I can remember what they were. I'll get back to ya. Probably not until tomorrow though.

Be well!

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MistryUnique said...

OOOHhh...ME!! ME!! and KENT!!!!

We were laughing so hard, we were CRYING - of course you know why! ;) LOL

That has to be our favorite show of ALL time. DA BOMB.

~ Me - the cutest. ;)