Friday, September 24, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. I decided to bleach all of our bath towels. We have colored towels. I figured out how to do it pretty effectively. Except for the one bright green one. It isn't so green anymore.
  2. Budweiser was inspired by a trip taken by Adolph Busch and his friend Carl Conrad to Budweis, Czech Republic. I can't stand Budweiser. You know how some people say that after you've had a few really good beers that you don't care what kind the next one is? They lie. Even after 2 good beers, I still don't like Budweiser.
  3. A friend was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. I feel awful because I asked her a question about something that I didn't connect as anything and she started crying. Then I was fighting back tears. It was all downhill from there. Pray for her, will you?
  4. I still haven't gotten that oil change for my car. Or hung the pictures that are sitting on the floor leaning against the wall. Or cleaned the carpets.
  5. The dachshund that was driving me crazy has been living temporarily at the same house that Son2 is staying. It's been nice to have the canine dynamics in my house back to normal. But I do kind of miss the little guy. And then I find something else that he chewed up and I don't miss him so much any more. Is that awful?
  6. The 30 Second Smile infomercial gives me the yeebie jeebies. i have no idea why. I think it is something to do with watching someone brush their teeth on TV. The thing looks absolutely freaky. Has anyone bought one? Aye yay yay.
  7. This is the blog I got when I pushed "Next Blog" just now. I love the butterfly dress.
  8. There is a Beer Pong World Series. Can you believe it? Beer Pong. A World Series. Frat boys who didn't grow up I'm guessing. Anybody want to put together a team?
  9. Bill Clinton has gone veggie. I think that is AWESOME.
  10. I had a cat that I named after Charlie Sexton. His name was Charlie Sexton. I wonder what Charlie Sexton would say if he knew I named my cat after him?
I've got to fly my dears. I have to get the Babe to the sitters and myself to a meeting. Catch you on the flipside. Ok? Ok. See ya then.

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