Friday, September 10, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

Happy Friday. Yes. It is Friday. We made it through another week. Mostly in one piece. Some bruises though. But we'll try and not focus on them.
  1. My "not quite son" has come to live nearby. I'm pretty happy about it. And yes. I won't be happy until they all are nearby. : )
  2. I downloaded the pictures from my camera last night. There were 127.
  3. My car still needs an oil change. Which means I have to go get the stuff from the parts store. You'd think that with having a mechanic for a husband, I shouldn't have to do these things by myself. But I do. It's a shoemaker's children thing.
  4. The new seasons of CSI and Bones and House better start soon. I need some good TV to record to watch at 11:00 at night when I can't get to sleep.
  5. The word internet is not in blogger's spell check. Neither is "Blogger's" How weird is that? Weird is though. Because I just spelled it wrong twice. Because I type faster than my brain works sometimes.
  6. We had to take a "family" picture of Hubby and the Babe and I last night. I think it is the first and only one that we have of just the 3 of us. Is that pathetic or what?
  7. I never had 4 year old pictures taken of the Babe. Do you think that 2 months later would be stupid? I mean, we are going to take Christmas pictures in about 2 months. I should probably just wait, right?
  8. There are 6 pictures framed and leaning against the wall that need to be hung on the wall. I don't even that I can remember when I put them there. I should probably fix that this weekend.
  9. I am spending part of the weekend with baby BAM. Who is really not a baby anymore. He's a toddler now. But he is still a baby. I like it that way.
  10. If you had the choice between cleaning house all day or getting things done at work, which would you choose?
So what are you doing this weekend? Please post and tell me. I'd like to live vicariously through y'all. Because, me? I'll be cleaning the house or working all day. See how exciting of a life I lead?

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Sharon said...

You won't be all weekend, we have some wine to drink!