Thursday, September 9, 2010

No One Can No Longer Live at my House

You know the water I mentioned having in my room? Well you see the sprinkler broke. And it was pointed at the house at the time. And the sprinkler was left on. No idea how or why. But it ran. Apparently for a long time. And the water came in through either the basement wall which is covered with drywall or it came up through the floor which is covered by carpet. Do you see where this is going? And somewhere along the way the carpet was nice enough to soak up the water. We pulled all of the water up that I could. Ran a fan. and it mostly dried. but now it just stinks. and gets worse every day. The internet peoples say that I should use white vinegar. Or Borax. But you know that those home remedies will probably prove to be about as effective as the tomato juice and vinegar and baking soda was at getting the skunk smell off of the dog. Speaking of which. "Skunk smell off of a dog" and "does Selsun Blue work" are still the highest searches that brings people to this here blog.

But anyway... back to the nasty water smell

So tomorrow I am renting a carpet cleaner. And a dehumidifier. Which I should have done on Tuesday. And some serious kind of chemical to kill the nasties in the carpet. Which probably won't help at all. Isn't Nature's Miracle an enzyme cleaner? I wonder if that will work. But I am sure by now that I should probably just cut my losses and pull the stupid carpet up. All of this for a stupid broken $12 sprinkler. And the fact that someone forgot to shut if off. And of course NO one did it.

I think I'm going to kick no one out.

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