Monday, June 30, 2008

Insert Birthday cake with tall candle picture here

Ready for the drumroll? tatataatatatatatatatatat (how do you write the sound of a drum roll anyway?)

This blog is one year old. Pretty amazing huh. I've been blabbing about nothing for a year now. And wonder of all wonders some of you have been following along for just as long. Pretty insane huh?

In honor of the blog's birthday (which was actually 2 days ago, I just missed it) I am sending you the presents. You see, I see the stats. I know you come here and laugh at me and run. And other than a couple, you rarely comment. I know. Humor me here.

Leave a comment. I'll pick one or two of you random friends to send a mystery box to. I'm sure I can find something in the closet somewhere. I mean, I do have an abundance of scrapbook stuff and Partylite candles and a dust bunny or two.

I'll let someone else pick the comment number on, let's say, Friday. That'll give a few days for enough comments to trickle in for me to not feel like I'm talking to myself. Which we all know I am but I'm not ready to admit it just yet.

Friday! Friday! I'll draw a random name on Friday!

See, I really have lost my mind.


Marissa said...

OMGosh you are soooo funny!!

Marissa said...

OK...I've wasted enough time now commenting on many of your entries, I must get back to house cleaning...

MistryUnique said...

Seriously? I know who better NOT win. ROFLMAOPMP...And I know a certain someone who needs partylite candles....I'm completely OUT of tealights. and almost out of votives. I'm down to candy corn and peppermint. Yuck. It's candy flavored, but not the good


Sharon said...

ooh oh, pick me, pick me. Obviously I enjoy reading your blog as much as you enjoy writing it....maybe more, as I have to remind you to update the friday list.