Friday, June 27, 2008

10 Random Things for a Friday

After a two week hiatus, and by popular demand, I offer you the return of the random.......

  1. My croc broke. :( It's a sad day. I bought some super glue to fix it but I can't decide whether to glue it so it is up like a clog or back strap down. :( Susan says I can buy just the strap but I called a couple of places and they didn't know what Susan was talking about. You apparently have to go to an actual croc store. We don't have one. But then I was on the crocs website and they have some pretty cool stuff! Wish I had kid size feet so I could get the Sponge Bob ones.
  2. I subbed the weekly twelve pack of Diet Coke this week for Diet Dr Pepper. It was on sale. I figured it'd be less caffeine too. Then I found out it is only BARELY less. How much caffeine is in your favorite beverage? Then I found out that 2 Excedrin has nearly as much caffeine as my favorite sugar free energy drink. No wonder I was so jittery when I tried to get rid of the headache on Tuesday! I had 290 mg of caffeine in me!
  3. Son2 is now an officially legally licensed driver with his own running insured car. For those of you following along this is a huge milestone.
  4. I got to watch the baby BAM overnight Wednesday. It was fun. Especially since he slept for 6 hours straight.
  5. This weekend I am pulling the carpet out of the back room. I can't stand looking at the 1960 stuff anymore. I think we'll put in vinyl flooring or something similar. It gets too much traffic for carpet.
  6. I've had grocery store sushi twice this week. I have hit a new sushi low.
  7. My new to me car has a CD player. I haven't stuck a single CD in it yet. Yes, I know. Sad and pitiful.
  8. The W clan is coming over tomorrow night to BBQ dead stuff and slap mosquitoes and catch fireflies and set off fireworks. I should have taken today off to clean my house. :)
  9. Madonna and Guy Richie splitting up has zero effect on my life. And I am sick of hearing about it on the radio and TV. Glad I don't live in London. And where did she get her pseudo English accent any way?
  10. dh starts a new job on Monday. He gets a real Mon - Fri work week again and gets an hour for lunch. And all for a bit more money than he is making now in his salaried 62 hour a week job. I see camping weekends in our future again!

That is all. See you again soon.

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