Thursday, June 5, 2008

Anxiety Attack after Anxiety Attack

Anxiety attack after anxiety attack and none of them for any good reason. Ok, not full out as bad as I have ever had them kind of attacks. Just the level that totally screws with your day and makes it so you don't get a darn thing done because you are obsessed with what caused (is causing) the anxiety.

  • Started on Saturday worrying about everything that had to be done for Sunday. Continued when I realized that I had left almost everything to my mom to do and felt bad about that.
  • Now that I think about it I think it started the middle of last week. I yelled at hubby and Son2 for next to nothing a couple of times last week. (OK, probably more than a couple) Usually a pretty good indicator of underlying anxiety issues.
  • Sunday started out that way but quickly dissipated after I blew up at people that didn't really need blown up at.
  • Monday was stupid people at work day. (not the people I work WITH, just the people that I had to deal with. That sure didn't help anything.
  • Tuesday was... well Tuesday was a whole nasty day in and of itself and deserves it's own post so we'll let it go here.
  • Wednesday -- Stupid storm. We had a storm on Wednesday night that freaked me out. I usually really enjoy storms. Truly. But this one and all of it's "the storm is coming the storm is coming" meteorological glory freaked me out. And then it got here and it had died down and it wasn't so scary. Go figure.
  • Then there is today. I have ZERO tolerance for people. Not anyone specific but everyone in general.
  • I have to get the plates and registration for the new car. How much is that going to cost me?
  • Baby B is running a low grade fever. Is he OK? Why hasn't she called me yet to tell me how he is doing?
  • Now we are having another storm. Black on the radar is bad, right?
  • I should not have had Starbucks this morning. I don't think the caffeine is helping the anxiety at all.
  • And there is that whole, someone is standing on my chest every time I think of anything of any consequence thing. And no. It is not a heart problem or blood pressure. It's anxiety. And eventually, this too will go away.

Please pass the Lorazepam.

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Harmony said...

Hope you're feeling better!!