Thursday, June 5, 2008

Annual insanity update

Last Sunday was the annual balloon release. You know that though because you read it in the blog entry a couple back that wasn't really a blog entry but a copy of the press release. It was (as always) a very mixed emotion day.

The weather was perfect. We couldn't have asked for better. I was saddened by the lack of media attention. We usually get 3 of 4 stations and the newspaper. We had 1 station show up. Thank you KGAN. Much appreciated. Any media is good media, right?

The balloon release itself went well. Neither Jim or I could say anything without crying though. So the big "thank you to everyone for coming" speech was cut REALLY short and we just released the balloons instead.

Every year I think this will get easier. And every year it doesn't. I think it actually gets harder. I have this idea in my head that this will be the last time we have to do this. That next year she'll be home and we can have a big party instead. Still waiting.

Spent time after the release with most all of the family from every side of the clan. When you offer a potluck picnic, they all will stay for food! Yeah for family time! I am glad we could all come together. It was a good thing for everybody I think.

And I got to spend ALL afternoon playing with Lucas James. So that in and of itself was healing. Now if only I could hold onto that all the time.

(Wrote all of this last week. Not sure how I missed posting it. Sorry.)

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