Monday, August 30, 2010

Sushi Day!

We love Blue. And when you sit upsairs it is loud enough that you don't have to care that you are eating with a 4 year old who doesn't sit still and sometimes doesn't understand the concept of an "inside" voice. That and everything looks a little red. Because in Blue's Sake Bomber Lounge, they have happy hour for all day on Sunday and the lights are all red. So you look red. Reference said picture. But even red, we had fun.

The Babe loves shrimp. Especially Tempura shrimp that are bigger than her head and come with a killer broth for dipping them in. She likes anything that can be dipped. And for the record, she ate all four.

This is the Babe with a new use for chopsticks. She of course is a walrus. And our new friend who is taking the pictures thought it was cute. And encouraged it. Much to my dismay and horror. OK. not so much on the horror part.
Did I mention that we had a lot of fun this afternoon?
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Eric Alder said...

What a blast! My boy is 14 and knows how to use his 'inside voice' now, but he'll still goof around once in awhile.

(But usually I'm the one goofing around and he just acts embarassed)

The other day we went out for Chinese food. He took a long noodle from his soup, draped it over his top lip (like a fu manchu moustache), and gave it a quick swish with his fingers, doing his impression of Pai Mei from "Kill Bill". Hilareous!

donkey and the carrot said...

Hello funny red girls!

Becki said...

Love the walrus bit!! And what a good eater (I'm very sad my daughter doesn't like shrimp like I do!)

I tagged you on my blog :)