Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

Well kids. Here we find ourselves at yet another Friday. Whose idea was it to have a 5 day work week anyway? I could have used Friday 2 days ago. How about you?

And without any further delay: -----
  1. The Pusher and I have purchased our tickets for the 2nd annual Riverfront Wine Festival. We are going on Saturday August 28. Don't drink wine? We need a designated driver. Want to volunteer?
  2. The Babe had her first "I remember the dream I had" moment this week. It was all about Tutu and slides and a Superman ride. And she told us all about it about a dozen times. It was cute the first 11 times.
  3. There are 3 grocery store bags full of grocery store bags in the trunk of my car. I was at the grocery store 3 times this week. They are still in the trunk of the car.
  4. You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you just might find that you get what you need.
  5. Our favorite yogurt is Greek God's yogurt. It is the bomb. The honey one is our favorite. Add in fresh berries or peaches and there is no better dessert. And then I realized that it is the highest fat yogurt on the market. Which explains why we like it so well. :(
  6. The county fair is this weekend. Can't decide between the Tractor pull or the Rodeo or the Smash Em Up Derby. But I know I don't have the money for all of them.
  7. We've had cajun seasoned sauteed zucchini 3 times this week. Hubby really wants it fried. I've just been getting further and further away from fried and closer to sauteed each time I make it. I'll be sad to see our zucchini season end.
  8. I almost bought a cat last weekend at the "free adult cats" day at the Humane Society. But I did not. Instead I talked the Pusher into getting two kittens in the "Buy One Get One Free" kitten sale. So two cats were rescued. And I didn't even have to bring one home.
  9. Tomorrow is "Half Price Dog" day at the Humane Society. I will not go ANYWHERE near the Humane Society tomorrow.
  10. Remember when I told you about Krispy Kreme closing here in town? Well now there is an empty lot there. They are building a CVS. It will be caddy corner from the Walgreen's. Seriously? Across the street? Oh well. I hear they have good coupons.
Get yourself a hug sandwich this weekend. You KNOW you need one. If you don't know what a hug sandwich is, I'll explain it later. I'm off to go get one of my own.

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