Monday, August 16, 2010

I Mean, Really?

OK. So here's the deal. (I say it that way because that is how I really talk you know). So here is how it goes.

I had an absolutely CARPPY day. (and yes. I know I just spelled that wrong. It's intentional) It was monumentally so. Every time I turned around something else fell on my head. Short of someone dying, it was THAT bad.

So then I come home. Where I decide to check my yahoo mail account. One of the dozen email addresses I can't seem to cut down on. But anyhow... I check my email address that starts with candles. And I realize that this one group that I used to get 12 emails a day from that I got ZERO emails from them today. ZERO. They are in the middle of a pretty heated "discussion". So I am SURE that there not were ZERO emails today.

But you see.. yesterday someone on the email list figured out who I was. And that I had a "connection" to the group that they are "fighting" against. But I am on the side of the group that I got ZERO emails from today. So apparently they realized who I was. They apparently now see me as an infiltrator. OMG people. I am on YOUR side. I agree with what you are saying and what you want. And I have a vested interest in seeing what you are fighting for happen. And you cut me off of your email list rather than ask me about why I asked to be part of your group? What side I stand on?

Can they not realize that having the relationship that I have with the people they are "arguing" with that I could not be a TOOL in their fight?

Now granted yesterday, I was complaining to Husband about how many emails they send a day. And kind of giggling about how they are handling some of this. And saying that I wondered about whether or not I should maybe not be associated with them. Even though I agree with their side. And seriously? Do you they have to be as anti- everything as they are being? I mean it is xxxxx for heaven sakes. But no. So that was yesterday.

Today on my monumentally carrpy day they decide to defenestrate me from their group? (yes I know that was a big word. Go look it up. I found it here. I just used it to look like I was smart or something.) But anyway.. the defenestrated me from their group today. And it kind of made me sad in a "what do you mean you don't like me anymore" kind of way. And it kind of made me angry in a "what do you mean you are kicking me out because now you know who I am and I can't put a sign in my yard" kind of way.

And of all of the things to bother me and cry about on my monumentally carrpy day, I care about this why?

I mean, Really?

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Eric Alder said...

Carolyn, anyone so narrow-minded as to 'defenestrate' you in some knee-jerk reaction isn't worth worrying about anyway.

People have different viewpoints, and occasionally will butt heads, but that's no reason for this petty exclusionism. Sounds like a little kid who didn't get his way and throws a tanrum.

P.S. - Carppy? Now that's funny!