Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carppy Part II

If I check myself in to the looney bin will you all come visit? i would hate to be there and not at least get postcards. my mom used to send me postcards at camp. do you think she'll send them to me at the looney bin? do they even really have a looney bin anymore? the psych hospital that used to be in the "city" closed. i know because i worked near there at the time and i think they released them all into the park across the street. them and the crack dealers had quite the week. my shift key is stuck i think. because I keep pushing it and i think it is only working about 20% of the time and that % sign was a 5 the first 3 times I pushed it. and i had a carppy day. it was just about as bad as yesterday's carppy day. except that this time it involved 300 dollars worth of tires and towing for a car that isn't even mine, 3 whining dogs, and a bill collector. and did i mention that it is 11:29 pm and the Babe is still awake?

yep. it was about that good.

i'm going to bed and I'm going to try this life thing again tomorrow at 7:00 AM. pray for me. i hear there are no psych beds available in the metro area and I'm sure that they'd kick me out after 27 hours anyway. because i have pretty stellarly sucky health insurance and all i really need is a good long nap and maybe someone to help me get caught up at work.

happy happy. let's hope for brighter days tomorrow.

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