Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Blathering

Random blathering. That is what this qualifies as. As if anything else I ever blog about has a purpose. lol

  • I no longer think that this ( lol ) looks like a guy drowning. But this one ( \o/ ) definitely does.
  • I still can't spell definitely without the spell check.
  • The Omaha Riverfront Wine Festival was a blast. we drank way too many 1 oz glasses of wine. The VIP ticket was really the way to go. I dumped about as many glasses as I drank. And most of what I drank was white wines. Which is pretty unusual for me. Found out after trying some of the wines that were REALLY good, the ones I thought I liked weren't as good as I thought they were. Still, James Arthur Vineyards wins as having our favorite wines. We once again spent the last of our time there. Didn't make it to ANY of the classes that we'd planned on. Just was stupid about parking, walked for miles to get there and then drank a lot of water and then too much wine. : ) It sure was fun though. And just for the RECORD, the Pusher's husband wins the award for the loudest and happiest drunk. it was hysterical.
  • I have officially worked for 20 days straight. I'm tired. It will be 23 when I finally get/take a day off.
  • I still don't have the big project done. Hopefully tomorrow.
  • The dachshund dog that Son2 brought with him is driving me crazy. He insists on barking all of the time. Won't leave Roxanne alone. Licks your face. Jumps on and off of you repeatedly when you are trying to lay down on the couch. Runs off if you don't tie him up when he is outside.
  • In 1919 my great-grandfather, Fred was discharged from the Army. He kept his WW1 uniform, cap, helmet, canteen, mess kit and ammo belt stored in a huge trunk. Friday, my mom and dad went through it and found all this plus live ammunition. My mom called me to ask what to do with live ammo that has been stored for nearly 100 years. The police department was nice enough to come pick it up. This is my great-grandpa.
  • I need to go to bed. but I'm not really tired. Brain dead but not tired.
I'm going to go load some pics. Back in a few.

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