Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How To Taste Wine

My name is Carolyn and I am a Groupon addict. And I like wine. And we're going to the Riverfront Wine Festival this weekend. It will be our 2nd year in a row. Which probably makes it a tradition. And this year we bought the VIP tickets so we get "unlimited" tastings. Which is really just a ticket to taste 1 oz glasses of wine until you find one that you REALLY like and then you go buy a bottle of it and fight for a place to sit down and drink said bottle while the sun tries to kill you and you remember that you forgot to put on sunscreen and you didn't wear a hat, why? Or so I've heard.

But anyway, back to the Groupon thing. Today's Groupon Deal for Omaha is a half price "grand tasting" ticket plus 10 additional tasting coupons for $20. Pretty darn good deal. If I hadn't already gotten my own ticket, I'd be all over it. So now I'm trying to recruit others to come and enjoy the afternoon with us. Wanna come?

Have you ever read Groupon deals? At the bottom they always have some little tidbit of knowledge (Groupon Says) that is usually related to the subject of the Groupon. Today's is How To Properly Taste Wine. I laughed out loud. But then again, I may be a little bit punchy with being tired from working so many days in a row and all. But I thought I'd share.

Again I found it HERE.

How to Properly Taste Wine

For total wine enjoyment, the wine drinker must engage in a multi-step process designed to enhance the flavor, body, and unique characteristics with each sip:

  • Give the wine in your glass one of three names: "Gary," "Darryl," or "Garryl."
  • Bring the wine glass to your right eye and stare deeply into it for at least 30 minutes, until you can no longer tell where the wine ends and you begin.
  • Starting with your left pinky and moving right, fully submerge each of your fingers into the wine glass until all fingers are in the glass.
  • Take a sip and slosh it around. When someone gives you some surprising news, spit it out.
  • Put all of the wine from your glass into your mouth, but don't swallow. When all the wine is in there, open your mouth and say, "Keys. Once angry keeping flagrant." Enjoy the wine that is left in your mouth.
OK so after reading it a second time, it may not be as funny as I thought. Oh well. It was worth a giggle though. In a "who the hello took the time to write this and thought it was funny" kind of way.

By the way. Anybody want to go with us to the Wine Festival? Saturday. Be there or be square.


Eric Alder said...

At least your blog's title warns readers that you've lots your sanity.

(Well, I thought it was pretty funny - but that's probably not a ringing endorsement)

Eric Alder said...

Yeah, LOTS your sanity... or LOST, whatever.